What kind of car will you buy if you hit big?

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Just wondering what kind of car you guys will buy if you win the lotto?

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ford mustang and lincoln mkx & mkz Iam aFORD MAN!!

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I plan to keep the same car that I drive until it gives me trouble. Not to be frugal, just to keep a low profile. I will be upgrading some of the members of my familys' cars to what ever they want.



I'd look into getting a nice mercedes benz unimog just to squash hummers with 

Evil Lookinghere hummer h2s and h3s ....


then probably look for a nice mid 60s sideloader hearse




I plan to keep the car I have for now.  It's only 4 years old, doesn't have alot of miles on it, and hasn't given me any trouble other than needing a new battery and new tires.  As long as it's running OK, I'll keep it.  I may upgrade to a nicer car once this one starts giving me trouble, but not something too flashy.

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 1969 Oldsmobile 442 blue on black, fully restored.

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I LOVE that little car!  Can you buy those in the US and what are they called?

To answer the question, I'd continue driving my 1991 truck cuz I like it.  I saw where someone had a strategy that if they needed to go on a trip and didn't feel their car was reliable, they'd just rent a car for the trip and it ended up costing much less than buying their own, paying insurance, etc.  I think that's a great idea and may do that myself until the 1991 gives up the ghost.  Then I'd probably buy a Range Rover which isn't on the poll.  Or maybe a Dodge Nitro which also isn't listed on the poll.  Or maybe a Jeep.  I must be odd, cuz none of my top choices are on the poll.  Crazy

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I'd have to say a 1977 black Corvette. Always loved them since I saw one in the Car's video, "Touch and Go" when I was a teenager. lol

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A brand new fully loaded Chrysler Town&Country van with a surfboard rack and a Tesla Roadster(electric).

and for the mrs. a fully restored '64 1/2 mustang ragtop...

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Definitely a hybrid; don't want to be blowing my winnings on gas!!!

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yer no wierder then me, miss LuckyLilly

none of my choices was on the list .....  cept for 'Mercedes'

Unimogs R big fugly 4x4s and U and most of the older ones and those of retired military service R diesel powered so one can run bio diesel Big Grin

wouldn't mind a hybrid ...... but I tink the jury is still out on them Skeptical

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I have no idea, but I know I wouldn't spend more than $30,000 for a car. My answer for now is "keep my Camry" and possibly buy a small SUV if I lived in the mountains or an area that gets snow.  However, it's possible that I might trade my car for a new Acura TSX. 

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my choice is not even on the menu...a SOLID BLACK PORSCHE..would be one of the first things I would waste any money

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laughing dog
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A Toyota for the wife and a GM truck for me.

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In response to pacattack05

I can visualize me fling down I-95 to work in the red one, at 0700. Uhumm, I wonder what the brakes are like?


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In response to Yukio


          Green laugh

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In response to justxploring

here is MSN lists of top rated cars also.

what i said is is a generalization of how some people might want to think about when they win a major jackpot.

As an vehicular mechanic and machinist i can tell you no car is truly safe on the roads. Especially when confronted with some big trucks. We had a prominent orthopedic surgeon and his wife here in Maryland that was run over by and 18 wheeler while he was driving his Hummer H2 both were killed.

I have a family with children and grand children i bought a Kia Sedonia mini van new in 03 for the wife and kids while it is rated as one of the best mini's i don't feel safe driving it. 

When people win a major lottery and decide to buy a car/van/truck/suv or whatever, regardless of whom you are think about owning at least one safe vehicle as your daily driver. While i understand that many lottery winners buy all types of vehicles most probably don't even think about the safety factor. They just want a newer vehicle to replace their old one.

And even if you bought a new car a week before you win the lottery once you turn on the key and drive it off the lot it's used.

Basically what i am saying is no matter what you buy to drive remember that you are a millionaire and you must take care of yourself so you can live long enough to enjoy your windfall.

I heard about a guy who won some big bucks he decided he wanted to buy a new Harley Davidson. As he was leaving the dealership he gunned the engine dropped the clutch and about a 1/4 mile down the road from the dealership ran smack dab into a concrete bridge at about 100 mph. A few of the Harley dealers were on the lot watching him leave and saw the whole mess. I don't have to tell you the rest.

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Hmmm, you did say hit it big right, well Im digging that Benz Maybach (sp?)

or a Rolls Royce Phantom and you cant go wrong with the Bently, the sporty one

for me.  And I'd have to do a truck or two perhaps the Navigator or the Infinity truck

I do understand some of the conservative choices that alot of you made but whats the

point in being rich if Im not going to spend some.  Buying high end cars means they should

last.  I wouldnt purchase anymore after that though.  They dont appreciate like real estate



                        1977 cadillac

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Do I really need to say why I would want the aston martin?


Well let's see: Mom wants a PT Cruiser, Dad wants a new Pickup, I want a Hybred and Escalade, and I would also like to fix up my Mercury Tracer. I love my little car it just whips in to those tight parking spaces. However my one dream car is a Dusenburgh.


                  Partygood luck to all that play!!

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Thanks for the link, four4me.  As I already wrote, I agree with you about safety.  That's a good reason to get a new car.  You also have to feel good about whatever you are driving.  People always told me what a great car a Camry is and I'm really not too crazy about the ride. However, the reason I wrote I'd probably hang onto it for a while is that I wouldn't want to begin a shopping spree or become frivolous with my money. Since I bought my car in 2006 and financed it, I'd be throwing money away, although I'm not upside down.  Yes, a car would make a great donation, as you suggested, so that's a possibility. My first thought was "if I claim my prize, take a vacation, buy a new car, jewelry, clothes, etc., I'll be traveling on that path to bankruptcy" like many of the winners we read about on this board.  So, even though I definitely would change my lifestyle considerably over time, I would want to do it slowly and prudently.  I was looking at all the foreclosures (a record number) and there are many homes in upscale neighborhoods being offered or auctioned.  Sometimes people think that only the working class can lose everything, but poor planning can have a dramatic effect on anyone.

A side note:  It's Sunday and I woke up to the sound of glub, glub, glub, which was my bathtub filling up with sewerage (again.)  The toilet didn't work either.  Thank goodness the people next door had the same problem, since I've been complaining for a long time.  Now maybe someone will take action.  Anyway, on days like this I wake up wishing I hit the big one last night.  A new car would be the last thing on my mind.  I guess it's all relative, isn't it?  I'd say "screw you" to the owner, rent a place on the beach and look for a house.  So I guess in that case I would be wasting a little money, but at least I could happily flush my heart out!

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I would buy a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.Cool

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It's nice to plan what to do if you win big, but it's nicer to win big first even if you don't have any plans.  Has anyone developed a plan to do that?

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  Another guilty pleasure, truly just for fun -  Mini-Cooper, Safety-Yellow, Coal Trim and Top, Chromed out. 

                         On no, not safe to drive, I'd just park it in the bed of my Tacoma or Dodge Hemi and carry it around with me. 

                                            The best of both worlds.    Cool

In response to Guru101

Roll Eyes lol  I hope not to see U here ->  after U buy those toys

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another Toyota

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That looks like a SMART car's baby.!!  Saw one yesterday--they are scarey, but in a cute way.



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