New lottery scam pictures posted

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Many thanks to the readers of USA Mega who sent in scanned images of fake letters they received!

Their letters are being put to good use:  they have been posted at USA Mega as examples of what to look for when you suddenly receive a prize letter and check in the mail.

Here's a link to the Scam Letters page at USA Mega:

If you ever know someone who questions you about a letter they received, send them to that page!

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Thanks Todd!

When the need arises, I know where to find an example! Thumbs Up

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um really glad u put this here!  my husband recieved some kinda letter a few days ago saying that he won some lottery over-seas and they wanted him to send money order ONLY to claim the prize, he asked me to investigate it on-line, and i said, "are u nutz?"  u know u ain't won no money, throw it away....well, needless to say, he hung on it and asked my youngest son to search on line to see if it was real.  my son laughed and said, "dad, u to ole' to go 4 the okie-doke!"  i couldn't believe he asked madaryl to do that, nor can i believe he actually thought he won something!  i guess when u think about it, N E body can be gulible!  i do know the envelope was marked "URGENT-OPEN IMMEDIATELY" he finally pitched it.  anyway, i just showed him the link u got here.  thanks, and i agree with Raven62, here's a place to sho' N tell!  ;-)

now i gave this 5 stars on account of.... it's real revalant!

thank u!

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It seems a lot of people without checking accounts are getting these scam letters with the bad checks and are asking a friend or family member with a checking account to cash the checks for them and their friends and family members are getting stucked with the lost.

Never let a stupid friend or family member talk you into being stupid too.

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In response to ducksafloat

The desire to win can be so strong that it overcomes common sense.  It is a phenomena that can affect anyone, anywhere.  Luckily for your husband, he has a household full of people with their feet planted firmly on the ground!

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Ha ha! I like how that one letter spells "congratulations" "congradulations".LOL

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There's an e-mail going around from "Lottery Board" with a subject line of Winner! Winner! Winner!:


We are pleased to inform you of the announcements today of Winners
E-mail address,is attached to a Ticket number 123-765-90, with a
Serial number 42243-98-01 drew the Lucky Winning Numbers

You have therefore been awarded the total lump sum pay out of
£1,500,000.00 (GBP) credited to File Ref No: BCLP/

For us to verify your prize and make it available for transfer via
Our Courier Company, send us the information below;

Your Full Name(s):
Contact address:
Winning E-mail:
File Ref No:

Contact the claims department by e-mail;

Name: Mr.Kolga Aslem
Phone: +44 70457 10669

Congratulations once again,for being a winner of our Promotions program.

Mr.Micheal  Rubeis


© Charities Lottery 2007


 Obviously, it's a scam.

Also, be wary of e-mails with a subject line of "Postcard for you" or "Friend has sent you a greeting card" - they have a trojan virus.



anything for a buck?  but thats low  just picture some 80 year ol lady gettin her hopes dashed by some skinflin    firing squad still legal?

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Many people continue to get taken in by this scam. "Winning notices" can come by email, postal mail, and phone. It is important to remember that even if funds for a deposited check "clear", the check can still come back many weeks later as fraudulent, leaving you out the money you had sent the scammers (and any of the "winnings" you had spent).

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And I received two email lottery scams in one day.  I was so furious that I deleted them.  Did not see this post; would have sent to share.  Yeah right, my email address was randomly selected.  Give me a break!

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Here's another:


Seguritas Seguridad España S.A.
C/Barbadillo, 9, 28042 Madrid, Spain
 (Admitted 1986)
  We are pleased to inform you of the  result winners of Loterias  International
 Lottery Programmes held on 26th July, 2007 from the online  Lottery success.
This is a Millennium Scientific Computer Game in which email  addresses  were
It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging internet users;therefore you do
not  need to buy ticket to enter for it.You have been approve  for the star prize
of Euros 874,000,00 Euros (Eight Hundred And  Seventhy Four Thousand
Euros Only).To claim your winning prize you are to contact the appointed agent
as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings:
Dr. Louiz Cruz
Securitas Seguridad España S.A.
C/Barbadillo, 9, 28042 Madrid, Spain

Ref No.ES/112/56/09/MD
Batch No: WNTO/2791/WD/ES
Lucky No: 31-09-76.49-520
Serial No: MUOTI/36780
 Note:You are advised to keep this winning very confidential until you
receive your lump prize in your account or optional cheque issuance
to you,This is a protective measure put in place to avoid people
applying for your winnig fund,as we have had cases like this before.
The Validity period of the winnings is for 14 working days hence you
are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim not made
before this date will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA
Once again congratulations !!!
Best Regards,
Mrs.Laura Jones.
Program Assistant


Ahora también puedes acceder a tu correo Terra desde el móvil.


Quote:  " Lucky No:31-09-76.49-520 "

Wouldn't it be hilarious if you played those "lucky numbers" and won! 


Also, "Quote: You are advised to keep this winning very confidential until you receive your lump prize in your account or optional cheque issuance to you, This is a protective measure put in place to avoid people applying for your winning fund, as we have had cases like this before " 

According to them, people are lining up to be scammed. You better keep this a secret then! Jester Laugh


heres the one I got today Crazy

I swear type people ought to be beheaded


YOU WON AWARD REF NUMBER(AGT-9-14-22-26-5-15),

Euromillions Email Sweepstakes program
This is to inform you that your Email Address attached to a Ticket Number (35-4-10-8-27-41) has won the prize Sum of USD1 ,000,000.00  (One Million United State Dollars Only), in an Email Sweepstakes program held on the 3rd of August 2007.

Do contact the Details below for the Claim

Contact Person: Garry  Jenkins
TEL: +32-484-664.381 or +1132-484-664.381
Reference Number (AGT-9-14-22-26-5-15),
Serial Number  BGD-21-7-2-28-37-19,
Lucky Numbers 8-20-26-17-9-25,
Batch Number DST-33-29-12-1-8-19
Ticket Number 35-4-10-8-27-41
Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 31th of August, 2007.



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SmileyOprah did a show last week called "What the New Scam Artists Don't Want You to Know" Some people who were scammed were there and told their stories and the experts on the scams told how the scams were done and who were doing them. 

For the lottery scams, they focused on the ones from Nigeria because they are the most effective and sent out the most.

The expert of the Nigerian Lottery Scams said that the scams comes from a small poor place where the people only make $1 a day working.  The men who do these scams are revered and live large. There was a hidden camera on this group.

They showed a room of computers and the Nigerian men putting together their letters, checks, and talking on the phone.  People actually call them.  They said that these guys only look for a 1% success rate and that even though they scam the British, Americans are the most vulnuable and they call Americans "Moo Goos" because they are so gullible.  They went into great details about the checks and letters and showed the red flags. They busted these guys, you could see them running.  

They showed the home of the one man who had made the most money and he is very much revered like a king.

I'm sure that show will be aired again. 

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