my birthday is today

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hi my birthday is today am 31 am playing 310  and  111-777-311

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Good Luck, and Happy Birthday!

A Birthday Fulla 'Happies' ! A smiling Birthday wish for your loved one.

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Have a very happy birthday and good luck, Lepricorn!



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In response to lepricorn2

Happy Birthday lepricorn2!!!

Good luck with those #'s.

May u have many more & may God continue 2 bless u on your very special day!!!


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In response to lepricorn2

Today's Birthdays: Wednesday, July 11, 2007

9 Lottery Post members are celebrating their birthday today:

leonski47, jillyd, polarbear, jbfrozen, foriquito, cookie392, teddybear, winninghouse, tesse64

Update your birthday in your profile if you'd like to have your name appear on the Daily Birthday List.

Happy Birthday lepricorn2!

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Jester Happy Birthday!

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                 Birthday Gifts 

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Happy Birthday May you see many more Party

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Happy Birthday...I hope you hit big today!!!!!

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Happy Birthday to you!  chicken singing

Lucky Birthday to you!

Happy Lucky Birthday Dear Lepricorn2!

Happy Lucky Birthday To Yoouuuuuu! 

And Many Morrrreeee!  singing

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Happy birthday lepricorn2


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thank you all.i get more people telling me happy b'day  on the lottery post than the people i no face to baby tell me he have a gift for i say what'he say you will get it when u reach home.driving we we reach home i say what u have for me'he say something what's gonna last a life time.i was like what.a hug and a kiss'because i don't have any money to buy you any my two childre to

death.thank you all again.

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Happy Birthday Lepricorn2 have a bless day.

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Happy Birthday.Party

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Happy Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday
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In response to lepricorn2

Happy Happy Birthday

God Bless.

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In response to lepricorn2

Happy Birthday and may you have many more. 

I like 737 for today.

May you choose wisely.


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I hope your Birthday was Fabulous and you WON big!!!!!!!!

  Happy Birthday 



Happy birthday!!!



Aren't birthdays wonderful???...and kids are too!!!! You have a wonderful Happy Birthday!!!


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In response to Gentlespirit

i will like to thank u all.

most of all to the wonderful person who express in words.thanks again.

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In response to Super8

my age keep coming.631-321

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Happy Birthday!


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