what state do you think has the worst lottery?


what state do you think has the worst lottery?

poor payouts,lousy scratchoffs,computerized draws,scandals,etc.


my vote goes to indiana.

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Lottomike, I had to discard my vote because I don't know enough about every lotto to give an opinion like you're asking. But I am very interested in seeing how LP votes on this one.

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I agree, right next door to them.  However I do play Powerball there


i would write and write quite madly to my state lottery if i was unhappy with them or knew they used computerized draws.....


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New York has consistently had a history of the lowest lottery payout percentages.



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I don't play other states' lotteries, so I wouldn't know. I'm not psychic.Ponder

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I think Va but then again, I live here and deal with it. I don't play any other states but when they got rid of the the first lottery and went to lotto south , now the best they can do is come up with win for life. 1000 bucks a week for life. You can make more than that working. I thought the Idea was to hit the lottery and STOP working. Just my thoughts.

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In response to LOTTOMIKE

OMG! Mike! That got me laughing my a__ off seeing someone so pissed beating on their keyboard. 


Taxachussetts by far is the worse  only good game in the multi state mega mill


North Carolina lottery gets my vote...


The worst lottery is the one that hasn't been busted yet! Not the ones that have.

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I THINK MOST PEOPLE THINK THEIR STATE HAS THE WORST LOTTERY.They have more info on their own state than others and they get mad and disgusted when they lose.



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In response to pacattack05

I Agree!

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South Carolina!!!!

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LottoMike, you want to change your vote to Tennessee now ?

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In response to DoubleDown

i have a feeling he will change his vote now like most of us tennessee posters

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VIRGINIA!!!!!! plays the same numbers over and over !!!! WORST!


if the people had control and put together a lottery amongst themselves without the state ,everyone would be fined for money launderingUS Flag


My vote is other or California. I don't like their computerized drawings other than Mega Millions and California Super Lotto Plus.

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Here we go again. After 9 am in the morning and the illustrious Hoosier Lottery still has not posted their prize payouts from last night. Typical! Just what are they doing!!!!

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