run for powerball (system)


4-9-19-30-41    PB your choice




11-20-33-43-54    try these if you live in a PB state   

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In response to codmander

Let's see if I can jinx myself here:

1) I'd almost 100% guarantee that 30 won't hit, and I'd bet even more that 4, 9 AND 41 will not hit. One of them, maybe.

2) 22 OR 36, maybe, 5 OR 46 maybe.

3) 23 OR 35.

(but with the way doubles have been hitting, 3) would not totally shock me, and neither would one of the sets in 2), but I don't play those odds). 

4) 16-25-41-48 - nope. I might play 41, I won't be playing 25 for sure, and I doubt I play 9 just yet.

5)  I don't think I will be playing 33 just yet, it's borderline.

I don't think the PB will come from 21-30.

I hope I reverse-jinxed myself. 

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

In response to guesser

lol  41  48    are best bets  but we'll see tonite    try not to over anylize things  just pick em as they dont come so to speak  anyhow i wish you the best of L_ _ K  toniteI Agree!

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I've been feeling lucky all day, so I splurged and played a couple sets of numbers from these.  Then I got home and checked over my grocery receipt and noticed that the total was $60.60 on 06/06.  Now if that isn't a sure sign I'm lucky today then I'll eat my hat.  lol

Thanks for the numbers, hope they hit. 

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In response to codmander

I will bet you $5 that 41 and 48 do not hit tonight.

If they both DO hit tonight, you can mail me $5.

I would not be shocked if one of them hit, but not both. I have 41 in a couple of games. 

Game ? 

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I was half-wrong.

I AM VERY surprised 9 hit, all I had was #5 in all games (I play 10 games), #14 in 5 games, and #45 in 2 games (but not with 14).

It's interesting and notable that we don't seem to have 'long shots' go too long anymore - we used to see a number or two go 50-60-70 games before being hit, and right now the 'longest shot' out there is just 37 games old, the next oldest is 29 games.  

I am also rather surprised PB 28 hit... I really did think we would have a PB number that has only hit once since the ballset change hit, which it did (28), but I didn't think it would be from the 20's, or especially one that hit just 2 games ago.

This is what makes it not easy. 

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I mixed and matched numbers from different sets, and matched 3 with X4 multiplier, so I won $28.  Best I've done in awhile.  Thanks, Codmander!

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mmmmm...  48    Codmander wins this round


congrats    luckylilly

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In response to x1kosmic

I cannot argue against that, as far as 48 goes.

I had 5 in 10 games, 14 in 5 games, and 45 in a couple, but not the 14 and 45 together with the 5.

I had more things going against 48 and 9 than I did for them, especially the 9, so I ruled them out. The main thing I used to rule out the 9IS swaying the other way, I will have to look further at that.

I did PM someone and say we were overdue for a dual group or a triple to hit, and a dual group did hit  Wink

5-9 from the 00's group, and 45-48 from the 40's group, but also, if you group by 11's and not 10's, the 01 group hit and the 45 group hit.

I look for the same in the next drawing, two groups or one group of three. 

If it was easy, anyone could hit it. 

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it's not easy....  not  one stinking number for kosmic last night, out of four plays,  I think I'm with you on the groups for Sat.

Let's see if codmander wants to play Sat?

In response to LuckyLilly

no prob  glad i could help  I'll be passing threw conn. so i do a full system run on powerball for next week 


I just think it is odd no "hot numbers" for 3 draws now.

(1 + 0) -9

(0 + 0)

(1 + 0) -5

(0 + 0)

(1 + 0) -48

(2 + 0) -9, 48

(0 + 0)

(0 + 0)

(2 + 0) - 9, 14

Wish I matced 3 numbers

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In response to Editgap

What is your definition of a 'hot number' ?

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I can't believe so many people got the pb on the prediction board !!! Lol, you can tell I never look at that thing for the powerball numbers... I played 31.

I did manage to get a no paying 2+0 on one ticket. Caught 15 and 19 on one line and 47 on another. zippo money. Disapprove

I hope you guys did better than me. Codmander, you didn't post any numbers for last night's draw. You're my cheat sheet, even if we don't get 'em all the time. Kosmic, luckylilly and guesser? Where were you guys?

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I matched one number, no $$$.  I think I need to get a macro that says "I lost" cuz that's all I seem to be typing lately.  Confused

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lol, hang in there luckylilly. Me too, but it only has to be completely right one time to make a difference in my life. I figure we will get it. I don't know when. But I know we will.


WHOA!!! TALK about visions  megaball for tues will be an upside down 9 = 6!!!

  six is smellin up a storm this week  playit alloverConehead

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I only spent $2 dollars Wednesday, but managed the same 'ole, same 'ole.......23 and 51 for me. (together)Cool

We'll work on Saturday later.....

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I completely forgot to get an extra ticket this week, so all I had were my regular numbers which matched exactly zero.  Disapprove

But that's okay cuz I can use the extra money.   $123 million annuity, $56.9 million cash value on Saturday.  Cool

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