High gas prices and lottery spending.

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With gas prices over $3 in most areas the first thing that would be affect in my opinion would be lottery sales.  I have stopped playing because gas is too expensive.  Of course I'm a college student home for the summer and without a job too so no surprise there.  I was just wondering how much everyone was cutting back if at all because of the price of gas?


My vote was I have not yet, but might have to. This dam gas thing really s-u-c-k-s !

There are so many of us that will be faced with tough decisions soon like-

Fill the tank or:

get the prescriptions filled

get food


_____________ fill in the blanks...

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i voted still play the same but actually i play more money now...

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Good poll. This is a question that people face at ANY time,not just because gas is so high. EVERYTHING is so high,you got it,Double Down! Food,rents,clothes,medicine or any kind of health care,geese! And God help you if you have to call a plumber or electrician!  Prices will never cease going up in this world it seems. Unfortunately,I believe that this high cost of living, in some cases, may coax people to buy even MORE lottery tickets. Those millions of dollars can put stars in your eyes when you've got a drawer full of overdue bills. 

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Yesterday I drove about 200 miles.  I stopped for gas and put $43 in my Camry and it wasn't even near the "E" but I was traveling down a road that didn't look as if I'd see a station for a long time. 

So it's hard to answer, since I've already cut back.  I voted "No" since I'll still always play my 4 combinations on Wed & Sat until the end of time.  However, I do agree that the rising prices of food and gas, along with the increase in my cable, phone and electricity bills (what about medical care?) make me think twice before I buy a Fantasy 5 or MegaMoney ticket on a non-Lotto evening. 

Lottolaughs has a good point, however.  I started to spend more when I lost my job.  Then I needed to have a good talk with myself.  It's absolutely true that many times people who feel frustrated will spend more when a dream is flashed in front of them. 

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I play for the fun.  It's just like going to a movie or bowling.  I don't have to play or see a movie to survive; however, I've got to eat and put gas in my truck.  Obviously, you need to know your priorities.  Playing the lottery isn't a high priority when you are watching your spending. 


Good question...I do think high gas prices will affect lottery sales...And this made me think of something...Can you play the lottery in a grocery store?I've seen one grocery stores where you can play scratchoffs but can't play lottery (can't remember the name of the store but a hint is that the letters of the grocery stores are green)..I think walmart should have a section to play lottery...

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I voted not cutting back.  Hey, if you win, you will never have to worry about gas again.



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In response to pumpi76

Walmart will never sell lottery tickets.  Just my opinion, Pumpi.  Yes, most grocery stores here sell lottery tickets.  I can't think of anyone that doesn't.  Albertson's, Publix and Sweetbay sell tickets for all the Florida games.

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yes, I have to cut back. I am on a budget. Out of my budget, the lottery is the only frill I have. Any more, and I will face the decisions double down mentioned. Gas or food?


I always wait for a sale on lottery tickets, then buy them. Usually 50 cents off the regular price. The tricky part is to find them. They don't like to advertise.

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I cut back a long time ago.  The lottery (p3) is getting so its not worth it to play anymore.  They mess with the numbers so bad, for a long time I just quit.  I just play a little now.  If gas goes above $3.00, I will have no problem keeping my money in my pocket..I like lights, gas, water, food and medical care. Yesterday I had to put gas in my car..and the $2.99 price for regular almost made me faint..

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In response to Littleoldlady

Where I am in FL, price is $3.26 today! 

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In response to stavros

I paid $3.05 on Thursday.  On the way home I saw a Hess with a price of $2.89 and was shocked since it was so "low." It was next to a BP station that was $3.08.  Funny that I thought in the sticks it would be cheaper, but I was in a place called Clewiston that was the epitome of the expression "the middle of nowhere"

MSN Auto lists the gas stations in each by zip code  I usually just stop where it's convenient, but 19 cents a gallon is a huge difference.  I won't go to a station just because it's a few pennies less.  Here are the national averages as of 5/18

Lowest in the U.S            National Average          Highest in the U.S.

Greenville, SC   $2.28               $3.13               Menlo Park, CA  $4.09  Yikes!!!!


How can there be such a big difference?  Taxes?


i haven't played in a while so i've cut back.......

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I had to start playing more on the daily games, so I could win more, just to pay for the rising gas prices!



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In response to Tnplayer805

Not cutting on the lottery, no.  Cutting elsewhere.  Like not buying food and snacks at the convenience store. Much cheaper to make a lunch at home, take it with. You'd be surprised how much money we al waste on buying "junk" that we end up either using up real fast, or wolfing down when we really weren't even hungry.  I'm just buying what I need now, not what I "want". 

Seems like we're stuck for a loooong period with the gas thing.  We'll never see 2 bucks a gallon again, but we could see four. To me, all that means is retailers will suffer.  I buy a donut and coffee and spend 2-3 bucks for it because of why?......I can eat breakfast before I leave the house and do it at half the price. That means savings to spend on the lottery, where at least there is a remote possibility of me getting something for my money.  Buying fast food or impulse buying gets you no chance at getting anything back for your money.

And I see where the Democratic-controlled Congress has quietly passed a budget that amounts to the highest tax increase in American history. It was just a blurb on the news and the media is not making a deal out of it.

Hand on to your wallets people. They're coming for us !


I just couldn't help putting my $3.17 in....LOL

It just furiates me. This country has a major crisis on it's hand, I hate to say. I am fully aware of the fact that there are shareholders and all the other reasons. All I'm saying is that just like most other problems, something has to give if a soultion, any kind of solution is derived. The things that will give is food prices, transportation surcharges, and the such.

So let me get this straight. A select few will make huge amounts of profits, and sell the soul of the economy to the devil. It sounds like what my roomate did refinancing this house for a quick 20 grand. Now his mortgage payments rose about 8 hundred a month.

Reminds me of the theme song to "Good Times". One line in the song says " Easy credit rip-offs"....LOL

Avatar're all luckier than you realize.


Here in sunny Los Angeles, the prices vary GREATLY from neighborhood to neighborhood. One station will charge $3.37 for regular, but that's the CHEAPEST you can find and its at one very out-of-the-way station in not such a hot neighborhood. Today I was seriously on E, like below the E, so I pulled into the first station I came to before I would run out. $3.99!! $4 gas is here people. The average price for regular around here is maybe $3.69 or so.


But to not stay off topic...I've cut back a bit. Now I play when the Fantasy 5 jackpot rolls at least twice, instead of just rolling once as I used to do. Tomorrow I have to play. The jackpot rolled for the second time tonight. Oye. This gambling issue is just getting expensive! Oh, and when Mega gets up there, as it just did, I tend to splurge on that. That $112M jackpot from last week was hit at a store maybe 15-20 miles from my house. Sigh.

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In response to jarasan

Mass Tranist is Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more available in Europe.

The nearest train station here is at least 200 miles away and the nearest subway is 1000 miles away. 

 In Europe,at least the 15 countries I was in (including those listed in your gas prices), I took the rails everywhere.  I also point out that when you ride the rails you don't get stressed out by road rage and also the cheap and crappy electronics in your car dont fail.

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In response to Littleoldlady

$2.99/gallon ? I wish !  It's $3.50/gallon here, and they say 4 bucks isn't far behind !

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I still play the same $5-10 bucks every drawing.

In response to Badger

I got regular unleaded today at Sam's Club for $2.98 and I felt like I was "getting over on the man ".

Think about that for a minute. Did you ever think that we would be happy to pay $2.98 for a gallon of gas ?


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In response to MegaWinner

I still put the same $20 to $60 in the tank every time I get gas.

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In response to DoubleDown

Funny that I read this after thinking about yesterday when I passed a gas station that had a $2.99 sign and I said "Darn, wish I needed a fill up!"  I won't stop for gas if I only need 5 gallons. 

OMG!  Do you realize that now that's over $15 bucks?  When I was a teenager, I would put 50 cents worth of gas in the tank to replace what I used during the rare times when I was allowed to borrow my father's car.  In 1971 I remember paying a dollar and my VW bug would go for many miles. 

As I said before, it's all relative.  In 1970 I would have been happy making $150 a week.  However, I believe the incomes have not increased equally with the cost of living.  At least they haven't here in Florida.  Minimum wage has increased, but many people are selling their homes in this area because of the high cost of insurance, property taxes and general upkeep or because they've lost their jobs or their hours have been cut.  Most homeowners who purchased in the past 2 years is going to take a big hit unless they rent it until the market turns around.  I went through that up north when my company was sold anf my office was closed.  It's a tough situation.

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I don't think I'll ever cut back, on average. I'll play $5 a draw when a jackpot hits around $70 mil, and I will play a few dollars more if it gets really big, but I'm not one of those people who will drop $50 on a single draw, ever. The way I see it, I don't smoke, people who smoke can spend $6 or more a day, so what's $10 a week on a lotto ticket?

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I think Florida is expensive, too.  My sisters and brothers are there and they are struggling. My sister has to sell her property to get out from under some debts.  I am also trying to sell my land there..I am hoping to beat the 100% tax hike. My property tax doubled last year.  Florida is so expensive until pretty soon it will only be fit for millionaires.  I paid 3.02 a gallon for gas yesterday and believe me ..I had to stop and think.  I try not to make "fun" runs.  Now if I could just convince my husband that gas is high. (He loves to fish).

In response to MissNYC

 I put $6 worth of gas in my truck today and it laughed at me!

In response to GrassHopper35

You're killing me...stop..Green laugh

I put 60 bucks in today...and I weeped so hard....Crying


Honestly I was not playing a whole lot anyway.  I probably play about once a week if that much, and usually don't spend more then 3 or 5 dollars depending on the wheel I use.  In fact a couple of times I've won enough to cover gas!!!  So I still play.  

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