When we see the same digit in a Row


When we see the same digit every single draw for several days what should that tell us ?

It tells me that I don't have to include that played out digit in the next days draw and probably save some money. 

Look at Ga. Midday for the last 6 draws. Note the repeating digit 8 . 

We look for things like 3 or 4 doubles in a row. Why not redundant digits in a row?

 Note>  We just had 6 mostly to all evens in a row too. I will be playing the other side of that.  


Georgia Midday 3 Previous Lottery Results


 Draw Date  Results 
Thu, May 17, 20075-4-8
Wed, May 16, 20078-1-6
Tue, May 15, 20079-8-0
Mon, May 14, 20071-8-2
Sat, May 12, 20077-8-4
Fri, May 11, 20070-2-8
Thu, May 10, 20079-1-5
Wed, May 9, 20073-5-7
Tue, May 8, 20074-1-4
Mon, May 7, 20075-9-8
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When I see the number in same position.. I use the other four digits to make my combos.. Usually hits within a week...  It is  a great tool to use with other tools.

Sometimes you see those four in the pick four... or the vtracs there of...


There's 2 ways I would look at this.

First: You have to have a knack of when a trend is about to start when dealing with single numbers.

Secondly: You'll have to know when a number has run it's course. Tricky, but nonetheless.

It's just like the recent doubles marathon here in Florida. I think we had about 7 doubles in 8 or 9 days. WOW!

Time to lay off on the doubles...LOL

After a while you feel it in your stomach.


Good deal !


We didn't get any more digit 8's. Roll Eyes We didn't get any more mostly to all evens either. That's good as well.



The odds of getting any more 8's were so small it really was a good bet.  I can't remember the last time there was 7 mostly evens in a row so that was a good bet to flip over to the Odd digits selections as well. 

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