Pick 3 exact order software

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Any out there?

I want software to track the 1000 str8s With specialized breakdowns. This software must specialize in exact order.

I can do position by position with my software but I want something different.

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Would it be enough for it to be like the deflate and inspect box tools here? Like the tools here only Straight instead of box data output or would you need more than that?

 Wonder how it's gone so long without more time and energy put toward the straights. It's the logical progression. Strange really.      

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I would be looking for  hit skip data history on the straights and the pairs and digits by position breakdown. Etc, Etc.

I can do it in my software search now but I need to punch in the numbers to find the data. I would like it programmed for easier search.

Exact order search is the way to go.

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The software I use now takes me about an hour or so to go thru the data and make a decision on each step of the search.

The ultimate software would be nice to have programmed to go thru all the search steps and come up with the best probability in each step ending up with the exact order numbers for play.

May be a long time down the road for that.

I may need to learn programming and create my own.

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Have you tried Lotsoft?

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It's funny you mention programming. Last week on Headline News, they were listing the top 10 demands in the occupation fields. The number one was computer programmers. Not only that, but a programmer makes a very nice living, averaging around 80 grand a year and possibly much more.... 


  It takes a very very long time to gather solid straights data. Too long really. It's almost like work. What fun is that?

  One tracking method that I'm working with right now groups the boxes with a simple number method. Until a straights program comes along this helps. 


   Box double ex.     221 1.      212 2.        122 3. 

  Using the 90 box number chart it is broken into 3 charts numbered 1. 2. and 3. by postion.  

  There are basiclly 3 double charts    Charts   1.  2. and 3.



                  The 6 Box single groups and 6 charts.   


            123 1.  321 2. 231 3.

                         213 4. 132 5. 312 6.      

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