Interesting little stat


  During the last 50 draws on the Ga. Midday P-3 game there has been a disproportionate amount of Odd digits hitting.

             Maybe it could be an opening of some kind. Yes Nod


   Large biases on the last 50 draws as shown below.

      Odd Digits  1,3,5,7,9,  - 94 total hits

      Even Digits 2,4,6,8,0,   - 56total hits only ! 


Does Ga have the electronic draw or forced air drawing?


Ga. uses the ping pong balls thank goodness.  

 Hard to understand such a large difference for an entire group. Sure, digits get out of wack sometimes and thats not too strange but this "Odd Digits Group" thing is rare.

 150 balls came down the track and almost 1 hundered of them were all from the same group? Hmmmm ...

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In response to Dr Pepper

If you enjoy this type of stat, you really should check out Lottery Post's Inspector 3 and Inspector 4.

You can load ANY pick 3 or pick 4 data into the utilities, and it spits out lots of stats, like odd/even, high/low, sums, root sums, key numbers, pairs, etc.  TONS of useful data.

And a really cool feature is that the lottery draw data for ANY GAME can be automatically loaded from the game's results page in one mouse click.  You can also load prediction data in the same manner.

In short, Inspector 3/4 is an incredible, flexible utility for quickly gathering stats on any group of numbers.


       The Midday draw today was all odd single 915

After years of playing P-3 it became necessary to play for straights only in order to try to make a profit. It's to bad there no features at this point to track straights not just boxes.

 It would seem the next logical step in tracking as we go deeper and deeper into the game and become more advanced. Moving up from Box to Straight filters makes a real difference. Seemed simple enough.

   For example:

      The oldest Ga Midday ALL Odd Straights are:

            393 oldest all odd double Ga. midday


                973  all odd straight single


                951* never hit straight






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In response to Todd

I agree , Todd.. It can give you so much information to look at..

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In response to tntea

Thank you for the response tntea.  It is puzzling the number of times that I see people (this time myself) give some helpful information, and the person receiving the helpful info does not even reply.  This is not some kind of service, and I think people forget that.  It's like someone holding open a door, and the person walking through doesn't say thanks.

In response to Todd

I couldn't agree with you more, Todd!

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In response to Todd


I'm sure all G@@D's and SERVICES on LOTTERY POST must cost "U"

money and time to produce>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

and "U" must have millions of pick 3 & 4 people OUT .......THERE!

BUT,............................WHAT about PICK 5 PEOPLE ?????????????





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these are for Maryland there are 10 days worth of drawings pick 3 had 37 odds and 23 evens pick 4 had 50 odds and 30 evens. The pick 4 draw had all odds drawn for 3 consecutive draws.
having looked at thousands of drawings over the years it seems that odd digits get drawn more than even digits. And I'm sure there are times when even digit's might get more play during certain months than odd digits.
I wouldn't read to much into it but it might be worth placing bets with more odd numbers during those periods when they seem to be drawing them.
Mon, May 21, 20079-5-85-0-91-1-6-50-7-4-5
Sun, May 20, 20071-7-87-1-47-5-0-86-9-9-6
Sat, May 19, 20071-7-76-2-67-4-7-26-3-6-7
Fri, May 18, 20070-9-55-6-06-3-0-50-5-5-7
Thu, May 17, 20073-5-37-4-79-7-9-08-2-6-6
Wed, May 16, 20078-1-17-6-55-9-5-36-9-5-8
Tue, May 15, 20074-3-39-1-19-9-3-77-5-9-3
Mon, May 14, 20070-9-55-2-85-5-0-05-3-4-8
Sun, May 13, 20077-4-89-3-04-0-0-91-6-8-1
Sat, May 12, 20078-2-37-0-71-1-7-79-6-7-6
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In response to psykomo

I agree with you: I need to work on a Pick 5 Inspector too.  Sometimes Pick 5 takes a back seat because of the popularity of Pick 3/4, so i appreciate the reminder!

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that would be another magnificient tools.

what if one times per years using All States Pick 5 inspector premium membership will catch the jackpot in one of 51 states :)

for example: LP pick 3 prediction board almost blew again in 3 states on 05/22/2007

i just use missing pair from monday inspector 05/21/2007 & 05/14/2007 the missing pairs was 17x & 57x

so we have 175

and what if from "all states pick 5 inspector" able to create JACKPOT numbers from your PROVEN WHEELS on pick 5/6 eg: Pick 6/49 with 3 of 6 have 100% in one or several states,

well thank for all your hard work to put the simplicity way to play pick 3/4 :) i hope more members appreciate and support your website by purchasing platinum members.

good luck

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