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I was told by a friend that the NY State Quick Draw Keno all the numbers are pre drawn in advance.  HE said you can scan the ticket as soon as the first number is drawn to see if you will win or not.  I tried it and it is true.  Does anyone know how far in advance these drawings are done?  thanks


i can walk into any quickdraw place between 1030am and 1040am and play $20 on 7and 17 or 10 and 80 and win  i think it really is


Can't remember where or how true it is but I heard that too. Quick Draw is fun to play sometimes at night but there really isn't much money in it with any type of system unless you get hits of 5 spots or more. And even then with the odds of 1,550 to 1 and only a payout of $300.00 it makes more sense to go with the Pick 3.

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