GEORGIA: Coming Soon!!

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Look for 196 very soon,usually comes around  the#1158,check GAhistory!!good-luck !!

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In response to cps10

Thanks cps10!!

Good luck!!!

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You are all of luck!!

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Congratulations on the straight winner (155) Saturday night from your post of just a few days ago, Keith !! (It is Keith, right?)Wink 

Thanks for trying to help us Georgia players!

I missed out on that 155, but I was fortunate enough to catch a box win with Sunday night's 500.  We almost got two straights in a row from your list of GA's longest-out numbers. 

Btw, from the looks of Sunday night's substantial payout....


Total Payout
1/28/2007 Evening 500$822,410


 ..... quite a number of Georgians had put straight/box money down on 050, GA's oldest missing straight.


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Wtg Cps10!

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