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Man this software is a real piece of work I tell ya. At least they have the name right! You'll go bust if you bet on any of their predictions. On the positive side, the colors are magnificent and the sound effects rival any movie ever produced. You hear horns, cymbals, and somebody cracking a whip on a Pick 3 player's desk. In addition, they have several options: "Hot Picks" - has not hit yet and I am still waiting - I'm afraid hell WILL freeze over first! Then, for your pleasure they have another option called "Cold Picks". Now this option is a good one. Since it has never hit, I must admit they are not stretching the truth there boys and girls. Another option is called "Neutral Picks". It's neutral all right. Reminds me of an old automobile I bought for $100. The owner - AFTER he sold me his car - said, "Oh, and one other thing. Good luck getting her out of neutral!". The programmers of this software must have had an opening for another variable and just called it "Neutral". The "Pattern Picks" option does have a pattern, It ALWAYS loses and never comes close to a winner. The next option is my favorite. This must be the pick they want us to "GO ALL IN" on. Here in the great state of Texas, it's a $5 wager. Are you ready for the name of the option? Do I have you sitting on the edge of your chairs yet? Oh come on now - take a guess. It is called "SUPER PICKS!". I am still trying to determine what is so SUPER about this option. It, like all of the other options, seems to fail every time. They  must have tested their software using 9 or 10 drawings. Maybe they were all drinking some nice cold beer, and got an idea of writing some software on a weekend, adding sound effects and colors, and bingo - we will all become millionaires overnight - or over the weekend. The pricetag for this software is not cheap either. If it sold for $5, I'd pass on it. PLEASE don't anybody buy this for my birthday. Anyway, I'm way to old for all their entertainment stuff. Oh, I forgot to tell you. There is another option entitled "Random Picks". Now, that's a thing of beauty. It works great. They probably just used the function RNG for all three numbers, and what can I say. I will stake my reputation on the fact that their "Random Picks" will hit many more times than "Hot Picks" and "Super Picks". Well, I certainly hope it does better in your state than it has in mine. Oh, I only have three more days remaining on my "FREE" trial. I need to write those boys a check just for all of the laughter I have experienced on all of their options. Perhaps the NEXT RELEASE of Lotto Buster may have another pick called, "A Really Super Pick".

Good luck with this software folks as the owners are on the island of Maui enjoying themselves at our expense.

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In response to hennybogan

Green laughGreen laughGreen laughHi HB Thanks so much for giving me a Laugh before i go to the Doctor this Morning,Keep it going,Love you ,,,,Delores

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Same to you Delores. You are the only one in this ole world that understands me. My prayers are with you my friend. I love you Delores247.

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Lotto Buster is simply a tool that will help you select intelligent lottery numbers based on the past winning game history and the past interaction of numbers. Like any tool, the more proficient you become with the tool, the better the end results.

To become proficient with Lotto Buster you need to become familiar with two theories.

· The theory of deductive elimination
· The theory of random abnormalities

Deductive Elimination:
The art of deductive elimination is a primary tool for picking winning numbers because it reduces the field of numbers that you must select from. By eliminating the numbers that are highly unlikely to hit then you can reduce the odds.

For Example:
The Texas Lottery has a field of balls ranging from 1 to 54.
This means that your chances of selecting the 6 winning balls are 1 in 25,827,160.
If you can eliminate just 15 numbers you have reduced the odds to 1 in 3,262,623.

A little math shows that you have reduced the odds by 87%.

Random Abnormalities:
Under the laws of random occurrence, if you flip 100 coins, 100 times each, then each of the coins will land on heads 50 times and on tails 50 times.

Not so!
In real life some coins will consistently land on heads (favor) more times than not and some coins will favor tails.
The reports, charts and graphs produced by Lotto Buster will aid you in spotting numbers that are not conforming to the normal laws of random occurrence.

Always bear in mind that these abnormalities are short lived and must be spotted quickly if they are to be of use in selecting winning numbers.

In addition to a wide range of reports, charts and graphs, Lotto Buster has many tools that will make playing the lottery much more fun and profitable.

These tools include items that will track your previous success, help you wheel numbers, and even print your lotto tickets.

A Final Note:
Lotto Buster can not win the lottery for you, NO SOFTWARE PROGRAM CAN.
If you see a lottery program that claims it can win you the lottery, well, they have started out lying.

If a program could be created to win the lottery then it would not be for sale. The programmers would be sitting on the beach, sipping rum and enjoying the good life.

What Lotto Buster can do, and has done successfully in the past, is give you a set of tools that will help you make intelligent decisions about the numbers to play.

Keep in mind that if the odds of hitting three winning numbers in a Pick6 game is 1 in 75 then if you play once each week, for the next year and a half and hit a three number ticket more than once then you are ahead of the odds.


i agree henny, bouht lottobuster in 2006 stacking hot cold last 20 draws only good way. plus freg.charts seem to work. i was further ahead buying  graph  paper and pencils.bud1

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Thx Raven. I majored in math/physics in college as well. However, the software is supposed to use all of your points and produce numbers to wager on. Their math is "wanting" to say the least - NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Thx Bud1.

The ONLY product I have used THAT WORKS is Duke, and it is free. However, Steve warns that it is not perfect, and we all know that no such animal(forgive me Duke) exists.

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The Statistical Analysis is incorrect?

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Yep. Does not take an over educated dweeb to spot scam software. If the analysis was good, there would at least be some close calls.

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In response to hennybogan

Thanks for your prayers HB,I believe in you if you say a program is crap then i agree even though i have not used it,i will take your word for it,Shame on them trying TO exploit money from people that is trying to win the game,now as far as Duke is concerned that little dog  can come in my house when he's ready,HB Duke is the program even if it does not produce the winning play Duke produces the Key numbers to get the play and that proves that most programs is based on the Theory of Relativity and The NUmber Universe can't do any thing about That,,Keep this Thread going HB because you got it going on,,,I Love you HB


I'm sorry, I have to disagree with you. Lotto Buster is nothing but a tool for you to do the research. This is NO program or NO person that is going to pick the right numbers in ANY lotto. If you expected this program to start picking all the winers for you, you might as well try to contact Jean Dixon or Cleo. Your chances are just as good.

IF you do some research and some number crunching, You have a better chance then just picking numbers on your own.

Like I said, no program is going to just hand you winning numbers. YOU HAVE TO USE the tools. LB has about the best tools around. They are always working on improving their product and never charge for updates.

Do I hit every time I use LB? Nope. But what I do is track my LB numbers against QP numbers that I play. I am ahead of QP as far as winnings are concerned. This luck, or what? I don't know but LB research, it gives me a little edge.

If you find a better program, I want to know about it


I have to disagree with you since i have bought this software 1 month ago I have won 3 times on pick 3 and 2 times on pick 4

once (3numbers) on Mega millions.


And i do not play every drawing..   

It is just a tool and no lottery porgram will hit every drawing...


 sure beats picking out of you head.

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Hi Luckylotto and lefty1949  - Welcome  to The Lottery Post !!

I too have Lotto Buster, I purchased it in 1998 or so, and I think it is a nice little software... I used to use all of their statistics tools when I first started posting here at the Lottery Post (now I use LP tools) and in "No Way" is it junk, scam or crap software...The owner is friendly, helpful and best of all "All Updates Are Free"

I think all software is only as good as the person using it....

In response to hennybogan

HB is apparently easily discouraged.        I've had lottobuster for several years and find that it works quite well, especially if you set the parameters for each pick setting to what works Best.    Granted, when it First arrived with it's Pre-set settings it Didn't work well for me either, so I played around with the settings and now have it where it does quite well.      SURE beats Quick Picks!  In the Last 2 Megamillions drawings it has come up with 3 correct white balls and the correct Mega ball.  Although it Doesn't catch the Megaball as often as i'd like like, i'd Not going to Whine about it, as the Nice people at Lottobuster are Always trying to imrove on the system and as others have stated, they DON'T Charge for their updates.    They Even answer your e-mail questions in a Timely fashion.    Even though I've never met any of them, I'd like to Openly Congratulate them for their Hard Work, and their kindness.      If people Can't afford the Paltry fee that they charge for lottobuster, then I guess they should Continue to buy Quick Picks as they'll Never be Satified.                                             

                      Paul O.


As i posted before that I have won using this software I won again tonight ohio pick 3 tonight 879  , Super picks was 789,

What can I say.. 

As far as close, that is why I bought this program almost everyday 1 number off pick 3 AND pick 4!

Pretty Darn Good.

Will I hit the big one?  Who Knows, but I Like my odds a lot better.........................................


Gary J,

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Sure like to see newcomers, especially ones that are so moviated that they join LP just to say that Lotto Buster is a winner for them.

lefty1949 aka Gary J,


easyone2 aka Paul O. 

and even a new blogger...bjdeeler that won $6,000 in 4 months!

Wow! And they don't even have any connection to Lotto Buster! 
What are the odds of that?

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