Feel rich

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10,000,000 will do the trick for me.


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In response to JackpotWanna

I Agree! I don't need all of it just some.


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$10,000,000 is all you could ever need!!!!


well with $10,000,000 i can retire and do what i realy want in life

starting with a 1 year trip around the world, after that, living the good life. 

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Depends on what you start out with and if that's after tax.  It also depends on where you live. I don't own a house, so if I wanted an average home here it would cost me about $500,000 but I can always move. If I had just one million I would be very happy.  However $10,000,000 would be better because I could help more people.

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I said 10 million as well but as I ponder it if you are just talking about it 100 million would give me the power to really do something.  I hate to say it but money talks.  If your are worth a vast sum of money people seem to give you more respect.  It makes no sense but people are people.  Somehow people think that cowering down to someone with money will get them somewhere.  The fact is that the rich laugh at them and they just do not know it.  It is pitiful but true.  Power makes the world go around and you gain power based on how much you are worth.  What else is new??  And I mean 100 million after taxes.


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One time at a seminar I attended the speaker was making a point and said he was looking for someone who needed $1,000,000.

He went around the room and asked people what they would do with $1,000,000.

One woman said she'd buy a house, get a new car (this was early 1980's). So he says, "You don't need $1,000,000, you need $150,000.  

He kept going around the room asking this, trying to make the point that he was looking for someone who really had a need, and a use for $1,000,000.

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I wonder what the Fee is for being rich?LOL-weshar75

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Some days $5 is all it takes to make me feel rich



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DisapproveI know Oprah give away a lot of stuff and money for worthy causes but I just couldn't believe that she was spending 8 million dollars for someone's wedding that was already rich and famous and didn't need the help.

I thought about how much 8 million dollars can do for a better cause.  This is the closest I'll get to Bling Bling.LOL

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$10,000.000 would be very nice, 100,000.000 would be fantastic!



     I would need $10 million to feel rich.

    I only need $300,000 to cover the rest of my life.  I have everything else; a good wife (for 41 years), two wonderful "grown" children, a healthy and vibrant grandson, two identical cats, three cars, a home paid for (twice), my good health (even tho I smoke), several wonderful stand-with-you friends, a few not so wonderful fiends ( yes, I mean fiends), and twenty grey squirrels that inhabit my back yard.  I need ( emphasis on "need") nothing more.

    I would like to win lotto just once.

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I can not feel it. When I think about million dollars -  it's big - but I can't feel it. Thousands, I have feeling for it. Seeing $52 millions just like $52 because I never have $1 millions. I like $100 Millions better; It remind me of $100 buck.

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In response to floridian

I was watching a sad show on PBS last night about all the laboratory chimps and the rescue sanctuary in Florida.  I think it's called Save The Chimps.  These are very intelligent creatures who are locked up in cages for 30 years or more and subjected to cruel and painful experiments. I'd like to help a place like that, but it takes a lot more than a million dollars.  So I know what you mean about the power of money.

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It's Oprahs cash, she can do whatever she wants with it. She gives away alot more then most rich and famous people and if she felt like indulging a friend of heres in a very cheap wedding (for her atleast)...then thats her business. personally, I would aim for a goal of about 10 grand, to me it seems more realistic to me at the monent so thats what I'm striving for. 

I feel that if aim for a goal any higher I would get way over myself and perhaps miss oportunities where I can earn atleast 10 grand. and when I make that much, I'm going for 50 g's, then 100g's and so on... 

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In response to JackpotWanna

100,000.000White Bounce

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ever notice how your family and friend's financial problems are ALWAYS the same ratio of YOUR net cash value?

for instance...

if i have 100 dollars in my pocket, someone will be in desparate need of about $30.00 from me.

so, it stands to reason, that if i had one million dollars, those same people would need about $300,000 all of a sudden.

go figga...

if i had 10 million, i would have a lot of people peed at me, for sure.... calling me stingy and just plain despising me. no doubt about that...

lot's of money wouldn't make me happier than i am now, that's for sure.

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In response to sfilippo

Money issues aren't discussed between our family or amoung our friends..

I have no clue to whether they have more or less than I do..  ~~

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I'm Rich..

I am blessed..

$$$$ isn't the backing..

It is the love we have in our family...

Two wonderful children,

4 beautiful grandchildren,

Loving parents..

Lots of friends...

Nice career

A  business that is growing..

Nice home...

Needs met...

Like I said.. I am Rich...

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Hey, I'm not that greedy, $10,000,000 will pleasure me!

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answered 10 mill....

Cute poll with interesting comments.

And yes I can relate to being estatic just from winning five dollars on a ticket! Its the joy of winning something...coming out on the positive side :) Seeing a system work thats been tested and tweaked.

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i voted 1,000,000.i really think 2,000,000 would do the trick for me.i could live with that....

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re: How much money will make you fee rich?

Posted this before, can't find it but it fits here:

From the book True Prosperity, How to Have Everything, by Yehuda Berg:

 A stock trader on Wall Street worth $50 million loses half his fortune one day, when the market crashes and causes his net worth to fall to $25 million. Meanwhile, on the same day, a mailman in wichita sells a stock short and doubles his $10,000 savings to $20,000.

Who goes to bed that night with with peace of mind and a deeper sense of security and fulfillment -  the stock trader with his $25 million, or the mailman with his $20,000.


 Also, regarding feeling rich and lotto- I think you have to think in 'today's dollars' and future dollars. Not too long ago the thought of making $50,000 a year was a dream come true - now that $50,000 is hardly what it was then.

Say someone would have won a state lottery for $5 million back in the 1970's. I don't think there even was a cash option then, so let's say after taxes and a 26 year payout schedule they were getting about $140,000 a year. Nice, but by year 26 that $145,000 was hardly what it was in year one. Look what Justxploring said about Florida houses - $500,000.

There's a story about someone encountering a genie and the genie says everyone wants millions and then wishes they could find the genie again. So the guy who just encountered the genis says, "Here's my wish, whatever I want to buy I have the money for when I reach in my pocket- and another $50 on top of that."

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In response to tntea

I agree most people always associate the word rich to money,

I am rich.

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Amazing Grace

 That snetiment is fine, but even a person who says that, let them come into $1,000,000 or more and then ask them if they feel any richer than they did the moment before they got it.

The poll question isn't do you feel rich, but how much of the 'green enrgy', the $$$$$, would it take to make you feel rich.

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I agree with tntea.  I wasn't blessed with a happy marriage and children, but no amount of money can replace that kind of love. 

That being said, I agree with Coin Toss that this poll isn't about spiritual wealth.  It isn't about health either.  If it were I would say that if I had AIDS or Cancer or was facing the loss of my sight, I'd burn a winning lottery ticket in a minute to be well again. 

So to keep it simple, let's assume we are talking about the smelly, sweaty green stuff they hand you at the supermarket.  BTW, handling money is hazardous to your health. It's full of germs.



Please note that 7 people said that they can't count that high. Well I have been in school trying to get my degree in elementary education, and I can count "that high." I guess I am toooooo generous. I would have to be able to support my sisters (their sorry excuse of a husbands barly do the job now). My neices and nephew, grandparents, one set of aunts and uncles, a couple of cousins, one best friend, parents, charity, and then me. WOW that sounds like the twelve days of Christmas. Well if I keep praying for good health maybe I will win befor I die.


Merry Christmas to you and your family everyoneSmiley Santa

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I would feel rich winning a MegaMillions jackpot even if it had just been won during the previous drawing since I don't plan on supporting anyone but myself.  I've never felt responsible for the needs of others and having a few extra bucks in my pocket wouldn't change my thinking.

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In response to Coin Toss

I Agree!

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Money is energy.  Money is not the source of that energy, it is a reward and a tool of energy.  Money alone won't bring wealth.  Energy will.

Wealth is very subjective.  A blind man with 5 bucks in his pocket considers himself wealthy if he has a friend drive him to Subway so he can buy a sandwich.  What makes him feel wealthy?  It's not the 5 bucks, it's the fact that he had a friend that drove him there.

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