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Howdy All,

I have some info for GA. First of all, I think the key for GA this evening is going to be a 3. I like the pair X35 the best. That drops it down to 10 tickets. But before the end of the week GA will have a "all even" vtrac. and there are only 4 of those. 224,244,222,444. I'm thinking it will be the 244 that comes, but not sure. If 224 comes that would take care of the overdue double 1's that are likely to hit in 2 more drawings. If you have the double 1's that brings you down to 10 tickets to play again. If you are seeing a different combo that falls within the "all even" vtracs that you feel is due in GA evening I would love to see what you got.

Thanks and Best of Luck All,

Bryan  :)

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hello bryan...maybe im confused or reading wrong but isnt 224=v335...whitch is an odd v-trac.....sorry if im off.....i read too fast at times



im liking 447 tonite....and 858



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sorry bryan....i see my error in reading now....have a great nite

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this combo really needs to show three draws....863...stay on this #......easy-money!



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hmmmm....lets go for a str8.....836...sorry guys brainstorming...this hasnt hit in ga in a couple years in this firing order....that is my pic for the week in zippys weekly pairs post!


      thanx guys

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Thanx Bryan:-) like them 44's maybe 442 or 443:-)

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you were close with that 992. 995 came in...

That is an "all odd" vtrac. 551. An all even is right around the corner.

Best of Luck,

Bryan  :) 

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