"000" for tonight?


Looking for the 000 tonight.

It's time for it to fall.


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Where, pcnut?


Where, pcnut?

I'm playing it in all state. In the past few days double 00x have been busy and this is an indicator for me. The double 00x have been popping, and its been hard for me to nail down what state it may fall. so I'll just play it all state just in case.


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Thanks. certainly one number in all states is doable.

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Georgia Player have them 000's in $$$$ lets rock!!!

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I got 000 and im ready to win !!!!


new jersey i have it   000

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000 has been known to appear with the 125 combo.

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yes and Michigan just had 512 combo Monday............I have been looking for the "000" to appear here.

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Somebody is getting it

This we know


I agree with you LAVERNE MALONEY and Sandy K, I have seen that happen several times, following 125. Blackapple, your right about that, somebody will be getting it, but when or where, its a tough pick this time. I just hope I have it covered when it hits. I'm just wondering what is up with this 010!!!

Thanks to everyone whom replyed to this thread.

Best of luck to all.


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Louisiana, tonight?

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It's coming to New York on Friday............................I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


000===ky or minn

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I'll stay up for seven nite

until it drops...WORD 

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