wyntek stystem

I have purchased his systems one the wynteck and wynmaster.they didn't work for me but just like pick-4_master said they're a good tool to help in your picking strategy I have found a way of modifying it to help me win in the 3 positional values.
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try it out on a state here and show us what you are talking about

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I this a Steve Player system?


Yes, it's a Steve Player system.

I have the wyntek, and it stinks.

I don't have the p-4 master cash system, but I do have the master cash p-3. It's nothing to write home about. It would work much better if it was updated once a year, and was customized for each state.

He does have a plan for individual states, which you can sign up for. I think it costs $300.00 for one year, and he sends you some numbers every two weeks, after analyzing your state.

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Pac - so basically it is a waste of time/money?

I have Win Master. It seems to be ridiculous too.

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