thought on lotto psychic post please reply

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i tohught i even want to post my direction to shift now after reading this fools post omg, i caint see  my system wich i know creates me a income fund  some junkies habbit , i consider this to be one of my jobs and i dont work with crack heads  , he has yet to say sorry  and the sad thing about it is that we caint realy do anything about.



your thoughts lotto fam please ,that post realy pissed me off


 on the other check my post for winners lol,291 for wendsday

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I Agree!it has pissed everyone off ,just keep doing what youre doing with your system,lets get passed him,one monkey dont stop the showHurray!

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Just ignore the person and do what you like doing best.  Just remember every one has an opinion. You just continue to post your numbers and use your system. 

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my goodness  i have never seen anything like that on here but i still feel how i feel i dont want he or she to hit off any of my numbers so i dont know well see


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In school, do you remember if a teacher punished the whole class because of one jerk?

I do, and I thought and still think that is so unfair to punish everyone.......heck he won't be able to decipher your system anyway............I got a feeling, the brain has been shrunk with the drugs.

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One can hope that he buys enough drugs with his winnings to OD.

Why hasn't Todd deleted that thread? Or at least lock it.

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lol its a shame but no need to stop helping the lotto fam   

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the lp community has let their feelings be known.  now let's move on.

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I miss the post /but  i think Todd would want to know!? Some one should Pm Todd about  it ,so  you can all move on  from the negative .

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He's probably enjoying all the attention his post is getting which he doesn't deserve.

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the lp community has let their feelings be known.  now let's move on.

I couldn't agree more & we don't need to lower ourselves to his level.  What goes around, comes around, he will get his share on his own.    Lurking  So let's move on. 

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When you find a rotten apple in a peck you don't throw out the whole peck do you? You pick out the rotten apple and toss it so that it does not contaminate the Good Apples!


I have learned years ago that you allow nature to take care of the bad apples which will decay and fade away (or destroy itself!) and you go on and do your work for those who will receive good from those works!


As Sandy said there is no use or no good that comes out of punishing everyone for one Bad Apple in a peck! The rest of that peck makes a Wonderful Apple Pie!


We will never change the whole world or how certain people act! All we can do is allow our own light to shine and pray it makes a Good Impact on others!


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well said Clair.............let's move on and let Lotto Psychic have his delusions. 

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the lp community has let their feelings be known.  now let's move on.

i totally agree

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Good Morning Amilby,

 Your simple method of getting hits is just that - simple, and elegant. And I'm soooo happy for you that it is giving you hits. You are building more and more momentum, and as you keep learning, I'm know you will in short order collect lottery as income. Don't allow even one negative comment to impede the gift you you bring to this forum. You have been positive, consistent, and selfless. Hopefully the person who was so negative, will change in the future. Don't allow it to impede your momentum. You know, for all that you have done servicing the members of this post, there are 'good and bad apples' in the lot that you are not aware of. It doesn't matter. Let your goodness benefit the good of course and benefit the not so good. Nature does this, how much more we? 

People are full contrasts anyway, and  negativity is self-corrupting. So as long as your INTENTION is honorable and giving, it will not touch you. Don't withhold based on the negative. Give because you have it in spades to give, your bounty is everflowing, and will not stop. So, yes give to the negative, because the gift you have been given is hopefully foe the benfit of all. Lets just hope though that those who were negative may be touched by your kind acts, and go through even just a little change. Send him/her off better than when he/she came.

You don't have to share how you go about your method. Your giving people even one digit is blessing enough.  But this post was written to you because I noticed the 'hurt' tambre of a few of your last posts. It can be very stinging,  even through cyber-space, when you are unfairly abused. So what I am encouraging and asking that you keep intact, is your beauty - the always effervescent and postive spirit you have when you post, as well as the infectious delight you have in your system for it is refreshing.

Thank you for always leaving us better than when we came. After all, we read your posts, we become a little brighter, as we take down numbers, and even happier when we go back to your thread and say thanks.

Take care Amilby, and have a beautiful beautiful day.

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