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guys, I am writing a paper on a certain subject of the lottery, and i'll like to know the following. Theoretically, If pick3 and pick4 games gave money for matching 1, 2 and 3 numbers (depending which game is it), do you think you could make money off such games? I think i could, but i don't know the opinion of the rest. What's you all opinion?

My second question is. If the state had the pick4 game set up so a person gets money for matching 1, 2, and 3 numbers, will such a game prosper?I don't think pick3 would survive, but curious to know about pick4.


 thank you very much, you all are wonderful....

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 Some Pick 3 games offer front and back pair, so that is a way of making money off of two of the three numbers, some Pick 4's offer front, middle or back pair...


thank you cointoss, but i don't mean that way, i mean like in any way they fall. And i am not sure, but i think they cost more to make such bets...



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 OK pumpi76, I get you now.....

Yeah, the pairs cost more to play 

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As far as i know only Massachusetts does this and there might be one or two other states 
DayDraw DateWinning NumbersExact4Exact3Exact2Exact1Any4First3AnyLast3Any
Tuesday05/23/06 5-6-9-3$5146$720$62$6$214$120$120
Monday05/22/06 2-2-1-4$4135$579$50$5$345$193$96
Sunday05/21/06 0-3-4-3$6018$843$72$7$501$140$281
Saturday05/20/06 1-1-3-0$3597$504$43$4$300$168$84
Friday05/19/06 0-2-6-1$6334$887$76$8$264$148$148
Thursday05/18/06 6-3-4-5$4901$686$59$6$204$114$114
Wednesday05/17/06 1-8-2-0$4029$564$48$5$168$94$94
Tuesday05/16/06 2-2-4-5$4574$640$55$5$381$213$107
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right now in ky. if you match 3 numbers in p4 you get 2.00 but you have to play str/box

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right now in ky. if you match 3 numbers in p4 you get 2.00 but you have to play str/box

But straight/Box only costs a dollar, right? So if you miss by one digit, you still double your money.

Geez...I wish Wisconsin was so generous. They have about as much creativity as a wet mop.

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