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Guys, i am curious to know. If pick4 was from 0-4, instead of from 0-9, do you think you could have made money off of it and crack the game?How about pick4, 0-5? How about a pick3 that's from 0 to 6?Such a pick3 game would have 343 total combinations to choose from...If those game were true, would they survive?....Just curious..

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I think the state would lose money, so a game like that would never see the light of day.

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The prizes would simply be lowered to reflect the lower odds.

The lottery will always have a big gap in true odds- what a winner should pay, and what it does pay. The odds on a 0-9 pick 4 game are 9999:1. The payoff on a striahgt is usually around $5000 :1. the other $4999 not paid out is the "per" for the house. The house will always keep that proportion.


In the pick 3 game you mentioned above, if there were 343 combinations the player was up against, a straight hit is going to pay way less than 343.




yeah guys, thank you but that's what i mean, if games like that were to exist the payouts will be very much lower than what it is right now, of course. But my main concern is, will the game prosper? will it bloom?

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Hard to would probably depend on the competition and availability.

Read some of the posts here on Lottery Post about Pick 3 and 4 verses the 5 and 6 number lotteries.

Some people play all games, some only throw an occassional $1 at the "big dream" but play the smaller games because they actually win. They would probably be the ones who would play the games you propose.

No state or other entity is going to keep a game they don't make money on.  No "house" will ever often an even money bet - if lotteries ran games on cointossesWink and you guessed right they'd pay less than even money, way less.

All too often we, the players. are our own worst enemy -  if Powerball or Mega Millions did a marketing test and said they were going to keep increasing the matrix until absolutely no one played it ther would be somebody somewhere who would keep playing regardless.


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