omg !!

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O jeezz i am still in shock.First time ever i won 1600$$ in pick 4,in just 2 days.I played 9927  2$ box,and yestrday were  7299 and today 2799!!! :))) Now,i just know 1 thing....You may play 100$ system,and win nothing,,and play like me,same numbers,or lucky numbers,and then win. Simply amazing.:)))
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Thank you.There are few words,i want to mention,when playing pick 3 pick 4,or any other lottery.... hope,trust,patience,love,and consider nothing impossible,belief.

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way to go!!

there is money to be made in pick 4!


i'm not keeping up with a lot of states right now.was this illinois you won in? i see your in chicago.

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Party I love the pick 4's.. WTG on your two day hit.. Keep them coming..

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Yeah,i am from IL here.I played those numbers combo last week,and if i will do it this week,i could win 2,500$,but still,i am happy with my 1,600....I am like 12 min away from eve drawing,if i hit8684,i will probably have heart attack hehe.


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