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Hello I came across this website, <snip> it is owned by a psychic named brian who has the ability to accuratly predict the lottery, if you want him to predict a single lottery drawing, it will cost just $5, has any one use his services? I would just like your opinion on him. BY the way, Iam a psychic (intuitive as i like to say) myself. I play mostly scratch and wins, i seem to have the ability to intuitivly feel out which scratchers are winners. I mostly win every week, win a half or more of the money i invest, I played 9 scratchers last week and won 7 out of 9.

Thank you.

May The Force Be With You.

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Well if you are a psychic, then you can save that $5 and buy more tickets instead of paying another psychic to predict the numbers for you.

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Here is419...i will tell you where to send my $49.99Eek

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Don't I look psychic to you?


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Looking at 6565 myself..

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