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505,101,283,951,616,116,432,219,911,301, if their was a tripple to come back  this week i would call it as 666                                      2 out of 7  this both in same day both str8

                                                        thanks amilyby30

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                                                 Glitter Kitty 

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those are my nums for next  4 draws  i think  you might want to stick with my numbers like a faithfull marriage                                                                                         





 i am a lotto player not a gambler ,1-9, 999nums,290combonations,53draws  a month  my shift cuts that down to 24  given almost a 100% guanrantee  that you will hit  atleast once a week ,i hit one to three a week cause i shift every day  but any play these nums people


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Amilby30 or anyone else who understands the "shift system"

Can you please do an example of selecting combos using these combos...I looked at the mid 646 6564  evening 879 6789 exaple posted but not quite understanding where 669, 896, 457,775, 688,686 came from.

Can these numbers be used...SC numbers for Monday was:

midday= 047


evening= 043



Thanks for ALL replies in advance!!!

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Thanks amilby30.




Thank you Amilby30 for your numbers  Thumbs Up

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