111 Georgia Evening 5/17

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Congrats Lottery Lady!

You have been doing very well.

Good for you!

May your Good Luck continue,

Bryan  :)

I thought seriously about playing triple because the GA numbers have been so squirrelly lately but I didn't act on it and I paid for it.....literally. Unhappy

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Thank you Bryan




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Thank you Emily




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Dorothy, don't be your other hits for today also...You rock Girl !  BobCoffeebg

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lotterylady where did you play for $900. Oh and by the Congratulations I wish I had hit for it.

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Wanda, I played at the on line service . The one that we can not mention

on the Lottery Post. 

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Thank you Bluegrass. I did have a wonderful day.


    05/17/06KY Midday$0.25$75.00



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can you post sites were you can get numbers from ????????????????????????

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I dont go to any sites. I use various methods. And Bluegrass helps

me now and then. 




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    Thank you Lottery Lady keep up the good work.Big Smile


lottery lady were is your predictions i need help in georgia

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