I am kicking myself over trip ones tonite


I am so kicking myself tonight.

I played 111 on Monday eve and Tuesday midday all because of  :

I went to bed Sun nite and looked over at the clock and it read  11:11.

I awakened later and when I looked over at the clock it was 1:11.

I felt it strong enough to go and play cash 3 AND cash 4 10 times for 2 draws.

Didn't hit of course, but I just saw where tonites cash 3 was, you guessed it :  111 

  Bang Head  I guess I shoula stuck with it. If I had, I could have won $5K.

Hindsight is so crystal clear....


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I have been playing 111 for over a week and today, I played 000 and not 111. Oh well.

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I did just like you DoubleDown. Played them Monday and Tuesday and din't play them 2day. I was and still am kicking myself really hard. Maybe we will hit the next go around.

Bang Head    Crying


Thanks Shay and SirMetro.Misery loves company I guess...

I was gonna hit it fairly large when I hit it: 10 times each draw......

Oh well....lets regroup.


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Well guys I have a pity story too! I tried getting into online around 5pm today to play 111 and it was down. I missed my chance tooRant


I played 666 here in Florida since mothers day and dropped it today. So your  not the only one kicking  but

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I got them Sorry guys played them .50 str better then nothing.....


I got them Sorry guys played them .50 str better then nothing.....

Way to go Tweetietoo !!  A win's a win !

I wish I had just stuck it out for another day or so.... 


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Learn from the experience and move on! Coffee


Missed them too....

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