a question for all lottery players

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do you play the lottery online through betslips,primetime,etc.

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I keep track of Euromillions and the UK lottery then play with prime ticket if it gets big. Just wish that morons in the house wouldn't pass idiot laws. It would also be nice if prime ticket covered Canadian games.

lotterybraker's avatar - pyramid is the only way I can hope that doesnt change or I will be sitting on the sidelines

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I never play online, but I've thought about it. Right now I don't spend enough to justify going through one of these services and only get tickets locally but I can see where they could be a benefit to many players.

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The Gov't is going to tell you what you can and can not do.


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All governments tell you what you can and can't do. Just try not paying taxes.

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I don't play online. I play the games that my state offers. Unless I travel.

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I don't play online I only play in my state.

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I only play online.. even if its local..


I play online, I have used Betslips and Prime Tickets. I trust Betslips more, even though they are newer on the scene. The one thing I find very odd about Prime Tickets is that every few months they change the name of company they are using for CC's. I don't like that but I trust Todd with his research into the subject and he likes them soo if they stick it to me I am going straight after Todd.... LOL. No, seriously, he knows the business better than I so I trust his input. Cheers,



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I play the lottery in my state. But when the jackpot is high I head over to pa to try my luck. But play all the other drawings for ohio.


I generally use another site to play online lottery because I can access my winnings more quickly and they have later cut-off times there.  But I do play at betslips when lottery funds are low. 

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there are actually less people playing online here than i thought....

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if anyone is looking to play online is the very best.......

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