Thoughts about QPs and random # behavior


On the general lotteries forum there's frequently a lot of complaint about whether the numbers are actually random, or they ain't.  The visitors and members are able to observe the inconsistencies with odds and randomness, and they often conclude the reason is 'cheating' and 'fudging' on the part of the lottery officials.

Maybe sometimes that's the case.

But over here in the Mystical Forum many of us have already reached the conclusion that a lot of factors enter in to attempts by man to impose randomness on numbers.  During the past year I believe one thing I've managed to do is establish a solid statistical case on the Predictions database in favor of those numbers not managing the feat of coming down in a way that resembles randomness.

  • For the last few months I've posted tens of thousands of predictions.  I've maintained a more-or-less constant 25 to 35 percent win/loss ratio on the imaginary wagers during the same time period, while using generic sets of numbers based on an assumption of non-randomness in number occurance.
  • There's a further assumption that the numbers across the spectrum of lotteries behave in consistent, repeated, predictable sets that only lack a greater body of experience and knowledge to allow absolute predictability.

However, that's only a prelude to what I'm actually going to put forward as a premise.

This is about Quick Picks and a possible reason they so frequently win. 

Call it crazy if you like.  I won't be offended because I'm accustomed to being thought crazy. 

If you read the news threads, as I have over the past year or so, you might have noted that a lot of jackpots are won by QPs purchased at the last possible moment before the draw.  Usually that information doesn't come forward as part of the news, but sometimes it does because someone allowed someone else in line ahead of them.  That sort of thing.

But we hear about it often enough to surmise that it might and probably does happen a lot more frequently than we know.

Consider this:

The QP generators are also random number generators operating under and influenced by whatever factors also influence the numbers drawn.

Whether it's the moon phases and stars, psychic influence, mass consciousness, geographic luck, illegal aliens from outer space, whatever, if the numbers are being influenced to behave in a non-random manner, the time of purchase of a Quick Pick becomes a major factor in the equation.  The nearer the time-proximity between the QP purchase and the actual draw, the greater the likelihood the QP random number generator and the lottery draw will be influenced by the same forces.

Just something to think about.  And discuss if anyone's of a mind to do so.





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guess i sound crazy like you Jack, cause it makes a whole lot of sense to me:)  in my mind, if i'm giving consideration to astrological picks, it would only stand to reason that it would be as you state.  now i know every one is not into the astro sets but lots are, so when you are getting a ticket up to the minuet from that perspective, it's quite a thought.

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