i need help with south carolinas pick 3


can some one please help me with south carolinas pick 3??? 047 fell today in the midday and i need help on what is going to fall tonight in the regular pick 3.


south carolina is such a strange animal. i don't really like to place too much money on this state, even though that's the only state i played . i am in nc and rode down to play in person until someone told me about playing on line

unfortunately i hear that the same company that regulates sc will be over nc.

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SC is a very hard state to pin down.

But I like anything that has the pair 75 in it. 7X5 or X75.

If I had to pick just one it would be 375 or 735.

You may want to watch it for a few nights.

Best of Luck,

Bryan  :)

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Hi kCio4 Here is a group that maybe Helpful to SC

        Hiding Behind ComputerTHE UV GROUPHiding Behind Computer





SC PLayers the above numbers are Univeral,so named because they hit Through out the States,Since your last hit came from this group i thought this would be the best Choice to compare with all workouts,Goodluck SC

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