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Guys, i am browsing the net and suddenly i come accross the name of Steve Player....Who is this guys?Well reading his page, i realize that this guy may be like the one who starte all this about lottery frenzy....If you read about him on his page it says that this guy supposedly "proclaimed" that he was going to win the florida lotto in 30 days and did so in 5....He also won the N.Y lotto in 1988, something he claimed was going to do a week in advance. Has predicted the winning numbers for 90 different state lotto since 1981 and made 167,000 playing pick3 and pick4 in 34 days using some kind of strategic system. Have anyone ever heard of this guy?Is he for real?
Something i'll like to add about predicting lotto numbers specifically pick3, pick4, pick2 and pick5. I believe predicting is so hard if not impossible to do because you've got a machine that juggles the balls and is my belief that they do pre-testing. I believe that pre-testing sort of "Interferes" with the game's history/trend that it leaves behind. If it was computerized drawing (a RNG)and they did not make pre-testing then i might believe in lotto pre-dictions. The best thing is to have kick ass wheel, one open and abbreviated and to know what you are doing and have less combinations sets. (what are you going to do with a wheel that requires 3,000 sets/combinations)....Anyways has anyone heard of this guy?If all this is true about him, he might be the number 1 hacker in the U.S.A... (I compare making money off the lottery with computer and ATM/bank hacking: )..if you can't pull anything about him, send me a private message and i'll send you the website....

JOKE: "If is true more important than what steve player have accomplish is the movie Red Planet...Is my favorite movie...



If you could wheel the numbers in a very genius manner and sort of speak "weave" the numbers so that it becomes like a fishing net with holes on it, and becomes advantageous to you and you have better odds, then this method is better than solely predicting can symbollically compare wheel with a fishing net, it sort of "traps" numbers that fall in its path...Unless the game was something like 6 out of 25, solely predicting numbers for a pick6 game 1-55 is not productive, i believe...


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Who is he?

Someone with a GREAT PR guy!

Pretty packages  Present Present 

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It is unto my understanding that Steve Player is not an individual person, but rather, a group of people who sit around and try to design, market, and sell lottery systems.  Now, there are few things under this sun which are new. 

So, be aware that sometimes old dogs can look somewhat appealing in a shiny new suit or a brand new hat.  These things are designed to get your attention, but mostly to get your money.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!  No matter how you dress it up, slice it, and dice it, there are still only so many ways to win the game.

Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware!)


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pumpi76 you want to know how people feel about steve player go to the banner at the top of this page click forums, search and type Steve Player in the search engine.


Steve Player is a group of people.  The only system they offer that is worth having is Prime Line.  The rest are expansions on that concept.  Get Prime Line, do your own research and save some money.  Most of his systems are overpriced.


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His (or Opcom Inc.) marketing skills are far more ingenious and full-proof than the lottery systems they sell.  Dont be suckered into an over priced lottery system.

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Yep Steve Player has been mentioned here lots of time. Just do a search like four4me said. You'll find a bunch of topics discussing "him" and his system.

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