Sopranos episode review 5/14


Well, I think it was better than last week's episode, but that ain't saying much...

I don't I need to put the "excellent" choice on the poll, as this once powerful engine is sputtering mightily....


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I would have to disagree, I think this season has been very enjoyable.  Season 5 was the stinker, IMHO.

They could do without the brokeback mountain scenes though.


Yes, the johnnycake scenes are killing me, but thank goodness they seem to be over with.....


I am highly disappointed in the dragging out of the brokeback mountain scenes.  For one who has lived and followed this genre of films and t.v. they have truly crossed over the line.  I'm not homophobic, however, even if there were and are closeted gay gangsters, they are just that - closeted>  For good reason. 

They need to close Vito's eyes soon. 

Just awful show.  They need to follow Grey's Anatomy's script writing and close with a bang!

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