CORRECTION on the nite time locks..

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The 2 locks I posted yesterday is not correct..the new locks are





I was looking at pennsylvanias sheet for the 144,145,154,155,,I do like those numbers in pennsylvania for straight and box for midday and evening but the nite time locks for all the states are 166,167,176,177 and 500,501,511,510..maybe I need to hire a many sheets to many numbers..or if I learned how to use the computer better that might help out Mothers Day to all the Moms..I hope you all have a very wonderful day to is your day..enjoy it..


ps..sorry for the mistake..

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lotterybreaker, you are terrific!  I was down to my last 4.25, and bet those numbers on PA!  Box, Sure wurked for me!  I was looking for the doubles last nite that you recomened. But bet the midday this am.  Came home from work and sure enough, I had 75.00 in my account.  You are a saint!!!!  White Bounce

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itscarrie..look in the member directory for a gentleman named Patt..I sent him the rest of the pennsylvania numbers..because 120 hit for the evening which was in that group also..that makes 4 hits already in the pennsylvania group I sent him..if he doesnt forward the numbers to you I will be more than happy to send them to you myself..

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hoping to see the 501 or 511 in Ky.

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good luck angelm..I hope you get it..

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There it is!

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yep..I see that..well that lock is closed..the other one is still left though..

166,167,176,177..hopefully it will show soon..

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