Happy Mother's Day

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I'd like to wish all the Mothers of the Lottery Post a Happy Mother's Day...This is your Special Day of the year - enjoy and have fun with whatever you'd like to do...If you play the lottery, I hope all your numbers will be winners !!
5146 - 5140 - 5106 - 4065 - 4061
Good Luck !!

          Thank You Lucky, you are a real sweetheart!


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Hi Sky - Have a Great Day !!

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Thanks a bunch Lucky!Blue Angel

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Hi angelm - Have a Great Day !!

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Thanks Lucky

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Thank You Lucky That is so Kind of you,Blue AngelBlessingsBlue Angel will follow you Always,My Friend

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Hi chevelle and delores - Have a Great Day !!

Thank you delores, My Friend !!

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thank you lucky.  wish your better- half a happy day!


                                                         Mother's Day 



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Thank you Lucky

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Thank you! God Bless You & Have wonderful Day!   

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Thanks a million Lucky!

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Thank You Lucky!

Ahhh My most wonderful "job" in life...

Being a Mommy!!!

Mommyyyyy!!!!  oops gotta goooo!!!!


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Thank you Lucky. 

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Thank you Delores for all you do! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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