TN lotto 5 up to 750,000


here are some numbers for monday........


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Ugh...  $750,000 for Monday and no way to buy a ticket...  My family and I are in Oklahoma visiting family.  Oh well...  Maybe no one will win it and it will keep rolling over. Maybe a Million? Who knows?  Good luck Lottomike!!!


good luck on your trip tnplayer.hopefully it will keep rolling over! depending on the length of your trip you might make it back in time.

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I'll be on my way back Friday.  If it rolls Mon and Wed just as soon as I cross into Memphis I'm stopping to buy my tickets.  (Seems like more people from Memphis win L5 anyway lol)


i live in memphis and i would even be happy with a very low jackpot.80 or 120,000 would be good.i usually don't play it at 40,000.......

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Heck, I wouldn't mind $40,000.  I play it whenever I'm home. 

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Another Memphis winner.  Lottomike, if you didn't win you will sometime with all the Memphis hits lol.

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