Need a volunteer

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Would someone on here volunteer to win the Powerball tomorrow night so we can get a break at the store..?


Just do it..


May 13th.... would be nice..

for me?

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Since I prefer to volunteer verses being drafted, I shall humbly win the powerball grandprize and in return make your job a little easier. :)  ( My prediction is it shall be a midwestern holder or southern holder). Us east cost people are just not being graced with lady luck in the MUSL games.


i will gladly win the powerball as i am wayyyyy overdue for a hit....lesonook

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I would strongly suggest winning it yourself. I'll take Megamillions at a much higher jackpot level.


i would if i could!!

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It will be somewhere along U.S. 45 - again!


tntea, good luck to you. I would want to volunteer and go to betslips by ordering PB for you, but I don't have any money.

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aaaaahhhh, just6ntlc..... been there. I have had a rough couple of weeks myself. (gas prices)
But I will accept this offer to win the powerball tonight gracefully.Big Smile

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Thanks you guys .. I am counting on you...

For me.. I will wait.. Not ready for that..


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Because of the price of gas I've given up driving to Indiana for PB tickets and opted to stay home and buy MM tickets locally, besides the Cash Value is higher.  I will continue to participate in the Maddog PB challenge and anyone is welcome to use the numbers I post and hopefully they will have better luck with them than I ever did.  Good luck to you.

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I would love to win the jackpot, the only thing is coming up with the right numbers LOL However, I too am also low on money and will only be buying a few tickets.

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Here's an idea take the last 6 drawings write down those numbers now take two of the most drawn numbers. Add these two to your play list if they were in the last drawing pick 2 numbers they drew other than those. Then look at the rest of those numbers in your list pull out 2 more numbers they drew the least. Now look at all the numbers they didn't draw and pull 7 of the most popular numbers in the spread. now wheel your 11 numbers.... good luck.

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and that would give you chances of slim to none. On the slim side, I suppose you may hit one or even three and possibly the pb/mb. But no major wins. Trust me, it doesn't work.


I will do my best to accommodate.

If I succeed, I hope you will appreciate my efforts on your behalf. 


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Jeez, tntea, I didn't see this earlier. I didn't play my $1 Powerball tonight, so it will roll over again. Sorry that it will mean you will be busy at the store until Wednesday. I promise I'll play then and win it so you can take it easy. LOL

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