weekend numbers

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513 looks very good    thanks  Blue Angel

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I have 061 and 622 ran through all of midday draws tomorrow...

Thanks..  going to check on adding the 412

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I like your doubles angelm, 15 states have had 400/440 in the past 3 weeks and only Onterio has shown it's mirror. with 262/626 its been hit 9 times with no state duplicating or showing it's mirror...  Wink 

004 0444-0-4 TX eve4-4-0 ON eve 0-4-0 MO eve0-0-4 TN mid4-0-4 PR eve0-4-4 CT mid4-0-0 ON eve0-0-4 LA eve4-0-0 DE eve0-0-4 VA mid4-0-0 IDH eve0-4-0 WI eve0-0-4 DC eve 4-0-4 FL eve0-0-4 NJ eve4-4-0 WC eve


226 2666-6-2 SC eve6-2-2 CA mid 6-6-2 TN eve6-6-2 IN mid6-2-6 WC eve 2-6-6 DC mid2-6-2 VA eve6-6-2 GA eve2-6-2 PA eve

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124 Connecticut


wtg angelm!!

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