Interested in doing some testing for me?

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I am working on moving Lottery Post to an ASP.NET 2.0 codebase, and it's really very complicated -- a tremendous amount of work.

Therefore, I have been slowly migrating certain parts of the site over, and testing them as I go.

The latest part that I am almost ready to go live with is the new editor.

I built a new "Post New Topic" page using the new editor, and which was constructed "from scratch" using ASP.NET 2.0.  It's not really visible on the screen, but there is a tremendous amount of sophistication behind the scenes, so I want to stop and test it before going any further.

If anyone is interested in helping to test it, please feel free.

If you're going to post a new forum topic (not a reply to an existing topic), you can try using the new page.

*PLEASE* do not post a new topic just for the heck of it.  Please only use the new page if you really are going to post a new topic.

It will let you select the forum to post in as a first step.  When it goes live, I will hook it up to the "New Topic" buttons, so it will bypass the first screen.

Here's the page:

*PLEASE* provide feedback.  Let me know what worked, what didn't work, and what you liked/didn't like.

Thank you to all those who took the time to help me test!!

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I used it for my GA Eve post. It worked well. All the buttons I tried worked. It did take awhile to load but it wasn't in my cache and I'm on dial-up so....Over all and big Thumbs Up.

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Thank you Bryan.  It did seem to work OK.  The emoticons still aren't working for the new editor yet - that'll take a bit more time.

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I tried it cool I like the fact that the buttons on the tool bar are on the bottom :-) I post a topic then page disappeared lol don't know where it went.

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I tried it.  At first, the page  just disappeared on me.  Then tried it again.  It worked fine.  I just posted "Where O Where..."

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Thanks for testing.  Any problems of the type you mentioned may be caused by old data in your browser cache.  That tends to happen whenever I change major pieces of code.  Try clearing your browser cache.



I tested I didn't see any problems. I like the way you can post to a topic just by clicking in the middle on the topic. I clicked but didn't do any posting.


I've posted many things last night and didn't notice anything different. Was I supposed to?

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Hi Todd,

i'v try it .But to insert a live link it's not possible.

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I'm viewing the page at 800 x 600 maximized and the B of the Betslips banner is obstructed.  BobP

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Is the mobile site changing also?

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I'm viewing the page at 800 x 600 maximized and the B of the Betslips banner is obstructed.  BobP

Lottery Post does not work very well at low resolutions like that.  Unless you have a really old computer, you should be running at at least 1024 x 768.

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Is the mobile site changing also?

The mobile site is already coded in ASP.NET 2.0.

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I added Emoticons to the new editor, in case anyone is still testing.

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Todd - The Emoticons work fine...I posted it in the pick 4 forum and no problems !!



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