Personal Problem.. Advice requested

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On March 16th of 2006

I went to local MediaCom store and order Cable internet.. Where I was charged $69.00..

They scheduled me appointment between 1-5 on March 21.. I paid someone to be at house for the installation..


I rescheduled the appointment for March 28th.. again paid someone to be there..


I scheduled again.. agreeing to miss work..March 30.. Missed work.. NO SHOW

Schedule another appointment April 4.. they were going to call before coming. My phone did not work in school.. so missed again.. Not MediaCom's fault..

April 7th.. took off from work again.. Man came.. Forgot TRUCK.. so no service..

April 14th.. took off from work again.. Man came.. Dang he forgot the Truck again.

April 15th.. Lost another day's work.. and NO SHOW.. (what is new?)

April 19th.. they called me to cancel.. but after I refused.. they sent a man..

he hooked up some things to computer and told me to hire a contractor to do the outlet.. (Later found out that was his job to do that at no cost.. )

April 21.. Contractor did his part.. I was out $65.00

Had internet... for two or three hours a day until April 23rd..

Called April 24th and was told some MediaCom Telemarket decided to change my plans and set up some other type order for me.. (Do What?)

Set up appointment for after 3 ... (Not missing any more work... ) Man called.. at 1:30.

Why does this surprise me.. ? Now really...

Called them after 3 and the woman on phone said that the service man just cancelled my appointment for me since I could not just up and leave work at 1:30

They said they would come that night. Well....if you guessed they didn't.. YOU WON..

Finally got an appointment on Friday April 28th.. they were to call before coming.. and only after 3. This young man called at 3:00 and I went straight home .. and to my surprised he went to the neighbors. I stood on my deck and watched him walk around their house twice looking to see where the cable was going in.. Finally, I called him.. and told him that he was probably looking for my house.. (You know the first house on the right.. would be number 1 when counting.. not number 2.. )

And they are were suppose to be able to handle cable???

He came in and checked out things and told me I had the wrong cord.. He put in the cord I need (name forgotten) but do know it was the one my son had told the first man in house that I needed . He said I didn't.. When I asked the young man.. he looked shocked and asked who the installer was.. I told him and it happened to be his supervisior.. The kid that couldn't count to one.. was smarter than the supervisior. (Oh me.. )

I had internet for the whole weekend.. fast/fast/fast. Then out again on Monday.

I called them and they said they would come on Tuesday.. I told them that it had to be after 3 with a phone call... they agreed..

When I got home that evening, the cable was working.. The man called at 4:30 and I told him it was working.. So he cancelled..

On the next morning.. May 2.. no internet again........I called them that afternoon and told them story and this person refused to set up an appointment during the week after 3 and told me it would be Saturday between 8-12.. I agreed..

Saturday May 6.. 2:30.. no cable man.. I called and told them I had to go to work.. and that they would have to reschedule and I wanted the main supervisior's number..

She rescheduled for this afternoon after 3.. with telephone call.. I drove by the house at 3:10 and didn't see tag on door, so I went to play my numbers.. I was gone 15 minutes.. and held my phone in my hand the whole time.. Everyone in store was laughing because they know what I have been going through to get to the cable internet.. NO CALL.. but I did find a tag on the door when I came home..

I immediately called the company again........ I told her I wanted my money back.. all of it.. and that they can pick up the equipment when they come and I am at home.. There would be no appointments for that.. She said she would have supervisior to call me within the next 24 hours. I hope it is not the one that was promised to call 2 weeks ago.. because I haven't received a call. (If one does, I will ask if he was calling about today's complaint or the one two weeks ago.)

Now my question LP members.. those that made it this far...

Would turning this over to BBB do any good? What would you do?

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I would call them first and tell them you are calling the bbb. then call and speak to the office manager (If you haven't already.) tell him/her you are filing the report and why. AND you still havent got you internet. If he/she does nothing. call and report them to the bbb. Yes it does help.

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I would call them first and tell them you are calling the bbb. then call and speak to the office manager (If you haven't already.) tell him/her you are filing the report and why. AND you still havent got you internet. If he/she does nothing. call and report them to the bbb. Yes it does help.

thanks for your quick reply..

This has been the biggest hassle I have had to deal with in a long time..

The overall amount of my expense will be unreal.. I haven't gotten the latest cell phone bill for all the times I called and was put on hold.. Of course I get someone different everytime..


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that's another reason to speak with the manager. If they know your phone call is costing you money.... putting you on hold is just bad business.    Very unprofessional.

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Gads, that's a horror story ! I would call the BB and offer to give them a copy of all your notes regarding who, when and what happened. That company definitely needs to have an official complaint filed against them. I don't know how you managed to continue to schedule appointments with them.  I'll give anyone one screw-up. After the second one they can kiss my patoot ! Even if they're the only game in town, so to speak, how could I figure they would provide good service in the future when they show themselves to be nothing but incompetent in the now?

Most definitely talk to the BBB.

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Hi ,

I would request to talk to the owner of the company, or as close to the top as possible,(Make sure it is a manager & not the person sitting next to them.) advise him/her of the treatment you have recieved from this company & let them know that the bad exprience you have had with this cable company will be shared with your friends & their friends.  I would also write a letter mark personal / confindentail to the owner.  U paid for this and you want it taken care of asap. (also follow up with the BBB.)

Bottom line u want to make sure he/she knows how the customers is treated.

Please ask for names  & positions before u start.

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As someone that works in the industry I doubt calling BBB would get anywhere. Is mediacom a cable company? Must be a small player if they are. I would call the city you live in. Odds are they have a board that handles complaints.  Considering the Wallmart type mentality in the telecom market all I can say is welcome to the future. Everyone I know with years of experience is leaving the field. Or at least the field in regards to visiting your house. It's turned into a numbers game and as long as 90% of subs work well enough not to call thats good enough. The other 10% are SOL because no one has the time. I'm sure there are people who could have fixed it but because that's not "productive" it's not going to happen.

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If it were me I would have already snapped on these people! I would report them to BBB, call the chamberof commerce etc.

 Sounds like a very poorly ran operation to me. Is this your only possibility for high speed access?

 I would definately ask for a full refund myself, that is just ridiculous!

 Good luck with what ever you decide to do, keep us informed as to the outcome in this situation.


Calling the BBB is a waste of time. Tell them that you are going to get your local newspaper to do a story on their imcompetence. They'll be there within the hour, probably for free.

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Calling the BBB is a waste of time. Tell them that you are going to get your local newspaper to do a story on their imcompetence. They'll be there within the hour, probably for free.

excellent - or tv station troubleshooter.    who's your phone provider???

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Calling the BBB is a waste of time. Tell them that you are going to get your local newspaper to do a story on their imcompetence. They'll be there within the hour, probably for free.

Yes NodI would indeed file a complaint with the BBB(you can do it online), however the complaint will only show in the number of complaints (no details) and whether it was resolved.  Most companies are members of the BBB. They probably don't care if you get the local newspaper because they usually have a monopoly. What cable companies need is competition.  Another option to recap your money, if you paid by check card or credit card your bank will refund you if you can prove that they did not do the service agreed upon.  But be careful because if they indeed gave you service and if a time frame was not stated in the contract you can lose.  It's all about the contract with the bank and the small print.  Been there done both. 

If you don't want the hassle and stress of it, just file at the BBB and chalk your money and time up as a lost and take it with a grain of salt. 

I wouldn't be surprised if they are already complaints at the BBB. 


Better Business Bureau-- Greater East Tennessee

You can search the BBB for complaints. (free)  I don't know if this is the correct link for the part of Tn you live in.


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I would send an e-mail of your post to EVERYONE in  that company!

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I like the tv troubleshooter idea. They usually get results here in Charlotte. Unfortunately, like you, we have no competition for cable here. They can basically tell you where you can shove your DVR and cable box, and you have to sit there and ask them "how far up should I shove it? Until it tickles my tonsils?!"

Between cable, local phone and other utilities, those types of monopolies feel like they can do anything.

I sure hope your resolution comes soon and you are duly compensated for their buffoonerie. Good luck and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

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Yes NodAnother thing about cable companies too.  They use contractors and that's why they have so much stuff screwed up.  None of them know what the others are doing or what happened before and don't care.  They are just answering a call.  At least that has been my experience.


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That is true...always some scruffy old man that doesn't look like he can hardly get out of bed much less install cable.

I have now noticed that the Big Box stores like Best Buy, Tweeter, etc. are using their own employees now for installation around here. They are held accountable for their actions and guarantee satisfaction. I like that. Especially since we are building in Regent Park and will need a couple plasmas installed CORRECTLY not half-arsed.

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