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I have nothing to do with this site. I am posting the link because I think the unique free information displayed may be of value to Betslip players.

What they do is frequency rank the Pick-3/4 number's digits for 30, 60 and 90 days, as Hot, Average and Cold or something like that I forgot already.

Anyway, you can go to their version of your state history and find the past draws colored as Hot, Average or Cold digits.  The idea is to see how often all hot, all average or all cold is drawn and play such combinations if hitting.

Can also be good for positional wheeling of hot, average and cold digits. 

Where it becomes useful is if any state turns out to be working this way, you can go to Betslips or the other place and bet that state that way. 

It is also very enlightening to learn whether such a strategy works in your home state especially if you've been playing that way. 

pickpatterns dot com 



Thanks for that free site. The more info the better.....

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How To View Hot Numbers.

The closer in similarity the numbers are in the Hot Number Boxes, the higher the degree in confidence of the numbers hitting.

The site had


Hot Numbers


The numbers below are drawn in the greatest frequency in each column.

PA. nite  straight---5/9
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 I gave two posts yesterday with

Root sum 5-7-9

Hammertime Mich. nite.5/9-5/16

Hammertime in Pa. Day 5/9-5/16

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Thanks BobP

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