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Has anyone here used a Yahoo! widget to generate numbers?


In case you are not familiar with widgets:

Widgets are little applications that run on your desktop.  More info on widgets at

I've seen some widgets that randomly generate numbers for the lottery, but non that really do what I want: 

I'm making a widget that generates PB and MM numbers and saves them to a web page.  You can then track the numbers to see if they have ever won.

Also the widget will show the latest winning numbers and try to complete a random pattern match based upon all previous winning numbers.

The webpage and widget are still a work in progress, but you can check them out at

What do you guys think?  Good idea or bad?  Could it use some other features? 




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I guess it's a good way to generate hits for your new site.

As far as tracking, as a Standard Member, I can track my previous selections here over a reasonable period of time utilizing the Prediction Page that is available. No need for any other web site and/or service. If I felt like upgrading to Gold or Platinum, I would have access to even more tools and information that is actually developed and tested.

Also, have you noticed the "USA MEGA" link to the left side of this web page? It probably has more information then you can imagine for the big games. And how far back does your information for the MegaMillion go? My own personal list dates back to 9-6-96 (I think it was referred to as the Big Game at that time).

Perhaps what you have might be ok, but gee, why go somewhere that is still under development when most, if not all the available and usuable tools are already provided here?

Just my thoughts, if you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have asked.

Sir Metro


Actually don't Really care about the hits. 

I am interested in your opinions and thank you.  It appears that you are happy with what you have.  That is great. 

I was just curious since I hadn't really seen anyone using widgets, I'm a noob just trying to do something fun and find out if it already exists.

The collections I use date back to the last time the games made a change to the number fields.

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Like SirMetro says, anyone logged in at LP can do that already and members can do even more.  I've written software that does that and more for every lottery that I play  which includes PB, MM and Ohio Rolling Cash5.  I prefer to work off line with all the lotteries that I play, if you have free software that can be downloaded and used off line with other lotteries you may have a winner.  Good luck to you.


The only thing that ithe needs to get "online" are the updated lottery numbers.  The webpage stuff is optional.

Software and website are free.

 What other lotteries do you suggest?


Everyone, I have tracked down the MM winning numbers since it was born in 1996. There are two total word documents. One document prior to California joining the game and the current document with all CA lotto, super lotto, and super lotto plus winning picks.

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