Tonight's Winning Numbers 5/5/06


Here are Shane’s guidelines for tonight’s winning numbers(5/5/06)

For numbers between 1 and 10…..1,2,8,9…..use in conjunction with 40,41 or 43

For numbers between 11 and 19…….12,18,19

For numbers between 20 and 29…..use 20 or 29 or combo of 20+29

For numbers between 30 and 39…..30 and 36 is promising. Use absolutely no combo of numbers in the thirties. If you do combo’s of thirties, make sure they are in your 3rd and 4th column

For numbers between 40 and 49….40,41,43

For numbers 50 to 56…….56 looks good….avoid like a plague combo’s of fifties.


Sorry…didn’t make that many wages for this drawing to narrow down the field of numbers.

Let’s see how good my antiShane3 numbers are. JCheers

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