Unlucky,or gods help?

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Sometimes,i play like 20-30$,and cant even hit 3 numbers,and other times ,i play 1-2$ and able to be very close to hit stright,or hitting box.Is that means,that no metter,how much you spend,you still wont win,if this is god's will?Do you think,because you cant hot box,is because your unlucky,or god wont let you win,because if you do,you may take,for example drugs,and go crazy,if you get a lot of money?I heard,about people you spend,a lot of money playing lottery,and pick 4,and others(true story) 2 guys played 2$ quick pick in illinois little lotto,and won 84,000$ each.Some people,pray to win some money,other who have already a lot of money,and keep winning,and poor people dont.What you think about those staff?

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Anyone who is involved in any form of gambling is up against the luck factor and that's all there is to it.

Everything form someone making all the right strategy plays playing blackjack and yet not winning a hand to someone who didn't even set out to buy a lottery ticket  having ths store clerk ask if they want one and then hitting multi-millions on a quick pick.

Where's the justice?  There is none in gambling.  

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