what are your lottery goals


what profit do you aim to earn in lottery playing?


mine is to hit at least one pick 4 straight a month......

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How about to win something...ANYTHING !!

I am so sick of losing !!!

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Mine is to win a modest amount of money and lose as little as possible. (modest being $100,000 or more!)

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I'm with DoubleDown.

I think we all dream of hitting a state lottery or Mega Millions or Powerball Pick 6 or Pick 5 + 1 affair, but we know it's the longshot of longshots.

Right now I'd be happy with hitting a few Pick 3's a month, not taxed


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Looking at the results you have two kinds of players. Pick3/4 players wanting a lucky streak and jackpot players.

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My goal this year is a dollar straight hit on the pic 4...9 big ones..thats a 9 with 3 zeros

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My goal is to hit the Michigan Keno Jackpot which is $250,000. I only need to hit once I'll be very happy then I'll move on to another


scorpion prince i was looking and at first i thought you were from the country holland and i was wondering how you were going to play michigan keno if you lived in holland.there must be a city called holland in michigan if i'm guessing correctly.......

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yea Holland is located along the lakeshore on the west side of michigan along lake michigan. The place where Tulip Time Festival is held at, woohoo next week. Surronding cities include Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, South Haven, Allegan, Zeeland, Jenison and Hudsonville. I've played michigan lottery in the past I figured I'd get serious and try to win some serious cash!...My next step is to win at least $2000 or more then the Jackpot.


If given the chance at hitting singles, doubles, triples or homers, I am personally swinging for the fences.  If I am playing, I am playing to win the ultimate prize.  A Mega Millions/Powerball Jackpot of over $300m with take home after taxes of $100,000,000+.  Anything in between, I won't frown on!


My goal this year is a dollar straight hit on the pic 4...9 big ones..thats a 9 with 3 zeros

same goal here.very hard to do.......


My goal is to win Billions and Billions and Billions...........



who is the man in the pic pacattack?

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