Clair Your hit was just a few days off!

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Funny how 749 still hit Georgia.  Good work.  Sometimes the hit will fall days later or even a week, but most of the time the numbers will run within a few days!  That is all do to the states' switch box techniques!  Well done!  Everyone keep up the great work and shout out to Cashman and everyone else for sharing!  Together everyone achieves more.  That is the definition of T.E.A.M.

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Hi Sage,


Yes thank you, I know it fell in Georgia. When I get numbers that strong and that powerful I wake up with a sweat! Mind you it is not hot yet in PA LOL! I see it going to other states yes indeed. I have peak clear vision times as well. My Birthday is this Sunday, I was also born on a Sunday in 67, and this is a peak time for me. September, October, November are my other peak times as well very, very strong!


Yes teamwork is the Key Word! Helping others always comes back around too!


Good Luck and Many Blessings!
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