TN Picks..

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010  060  015  065  510 560 515 565

101 151 106 156 601 651 606 656




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I got 8095 as a quick pick  I aslo got the 605 as a quick pick

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Thanks Tntea

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Thanks Tntea

you are welcome..

Haven't seen you on much.. How have you been?

I am not working the store like I was.. only helping on weekends..

the double days were getting to me.. So I am now just taking it easy in the evenings..


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Hi T,


Your grandson is a cutie!! I wondered if you were still at store, maybe I will catch up with you one weekend. Got tired of trying to figure out TN and quit for a while, but gonna give it another try. You are really doing a great job, congrats!!



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