Oklahoma Straights 4/29 thru 5/6

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702! - 035 - 586? - 623 - 487 - 374

Try these straight for 7 days...

Good luck!


thanks the straight shooter will try these at once!

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sfilippo..I sure would like to see the 374 come out..Oklahoma has already hit 2 of my 4 number locks..I think I will play the 374..and see if it will catch 3 of

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I have a 7 day ticket for 5 of the 6 picks listed above. Cost = $35.00

I'm seeing the 702 as the strongest pick and the 586 as the weakest pick.

We shall see what happens...


heard anything about a pick 4 yet for oklahoma?

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I haven't read or heard of any new numbers games starting up in the near future.


Currently, there are about 150 winners of the pick 3 game per day on average. That includes straights, box, and front and back pairs. So, the game is not giving up much. I wonder if players would even be interested in attempting a pick 4 game.

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wow, approx 150 winners in the whole state. I thought MO was low, MO is high compared to that. I c your straights. and I'm adding them to my picks. i c u don't have any doubles, I don't feel doubles either. the 702 was already one of my picks.

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People really enjoy the Indian Casinos here. Mainly the slots, but they now offer blackjack and Texas hold'em as well.

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