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Charting Pick 5 & Pick 6 numbers


When it comes to selecting numbers for the Mega-Millions, I apply a charting type method that is similar to that used in the stock market for checking volatile stocks. This method worked great when I use to trade stock options (seems like many years ago when I was much younger and perhaps more naive about the world). I would use this method to assist me in determining when to buy and sell or just walk away from various options based upon the past behavior of the stocks (stock options are rights to purchase {call} or sell {put} the stock without buying the stock, can be very lucrative if done right). 


First, I establish a comprehensive count of the hits per number. I use a scale of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 2 years and ALL. Then with Excel's chart wizard, I plot the points using the standard up & down chart (one that looks like a heart monitor).


Next, to select the numbers, I apply the following methods;

1)                          I compare the 3 most recent chart with the ALL listing and look for up to 5 (or 6) numbers that are not “behaving” as the full history says the numbers should. My thought process makes the assumption that what has happened in the past establishes a trend for the future.

2)                          The next method is, on the 6 months, 9 months and 1 year chart; I plot a line between the first number (zero) and the last number. Then I hunt down ALL of the points that strike dead on the line. Not close, but dead on. The assumption here is that these 5 (or more) numbers are very likely due and should be strongly considered.

I guess in the stock market world, this is considered “trending”. My thought process is, it works there, why not apply it here with the appropriate modifications.


Anyway, just something I thought was worth offering up for folks to consider when hunting numbers.


Good Luck,

Sir Metro

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PS: For those that are probably going to ask. The best I have done is gotten ALL 5 numbers and the Mega-ball on the same ticket. Just not on the same line Crying

Perhaps if I had used the Wheels that are available here, I might had done better. Guess I will never know.

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Thank you for sharing that info. Some questions, have you given up on that idea? Now that you know about wheels, are you thinking about using that method again?


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I use the method when the value approaches $100 million. As for wheels, I am considering it, but have yet to put it into effect. BTW, this method will give repeat numbers, thus reducing a set of 5 from 25 numbers to less then that requiring smaller wheel results.

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PS: For those that are probably going to ask. The best I have done is gotten ALL 5 numbers and the Mega-ball on the same ticket. Just not on the same line Crying

Perhaps if I had used the Wheels that are available here, I might had done better. Guess I will never know.

If you could do that most of the times, you would be reducing your odds of matching 5+1 to 1:265,650 or 5+0 to 1:66,413 or better. 

Posters in the Maddog PB and MM challenges in the jackpot forum are trying to do something similar but the best coverage they've had is 4+1 and none have reported actually matching that playing the real lottery.

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A bit like stochastics. I have found there seem to be more than a few similarities to the lotteries and the stock market. Maybe because they are both based on chance and educated guesswork. Sometimes code I have written for one has been useful for the other.

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wow i've thought of that myself since i've gotten lucky a few times myself with the stock market particularly the pennies. The only problem with lottery ye dont get free charts that you can use to benefit your selection of numbers. The way i've been doing is time consuming all by hand and printing up history back 2 a year. I think the stock market is far more easier than this lottery crap, all by chance & luck.

I've gotta come up with a better concept of winning da dang lottery!

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For those asking, if you are using Excel to track your MegaMillion numbers (like I do) and you maintain a running total of all the numbers over various periods of time, charting is really easy. First, on a blank worksheet, click INSERT>CHART. Then select which one you want to use. I liked the LINE method, use whatever makes you happy. Next, follow the onscreen directions. Select the data you are charting and it does most of the hard stuff.

Now, when I mentioned plotting, what I left out  was, I print a copy of the Chart once I get all the values listed. Then with a straight edge and a pencil, I physically draw a line from the first number to the last number. The points I select are those that hit dead on the line I just drew. I hope this clarifies to folks what I am doing.

Good Luck to All,

Sir Metro


Your method produced 2 winning numbers  in the western canada 6/49 draw on saturday night. I noticed with a little fiddeling it would have produced 4 numbers

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One other side note, the concept of Trends is to seek out patterns. Looking at numbers is one thing, when you have cute little lines tracing up down representing different periods of time, those numbers paint a picture of what the numbers have been up to.

Simply put, look up at the ALL listing. Now, look at the other listings. Let the ALL numbers by the defining guide. Look for patterns in the other numbers that do not follow the pattern of the ALL numbers. Consider those as possible numbers that should be reasonablly due to get the pattern to align with ALL numbers.

Good Luck,

Sir Metro

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Here is my number selection for 5-26-06 using the Charting Method to select the Megamillions numbers. I have selected a total of 16 numbers with this method. Good Luck to anyone who choses to use them. You are on your own for the MegaBall

04 - 06 - 11 - 13 
20 - 22 - 26 - 27 
29 - 33 - 35 - 42 
45 - 49 - 50 - 53

Sir Metro

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