2222 coming to new york

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coming in new yok. watch and see.

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spelled it badly that is new york. haha

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2222 is sold Out in New York. I was lucky too get 8888 for Midday. No hit, but the quads are usually sold out.

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hi i play the 2222 a week ahead of time i did not no that it was sold out. try to play it i advance, you can get it in . watch and see.i always play it early. bye for now


uumm wonder if you could be right *Julia...its a quad that I think of often ..its also NEVER been drawn in the history of the game which i'm sure your aware of ..along with the #'s > 0000 4444 6666 and 8888

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hi, yes i am very aware of that but it does not distract me i really like the 2222, there has not been a even number drawn in the quads as yet 2222 will be it i have a feeling. stay with me. play in advance bye for now.


will do ; )

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spelled it badly that is new york. haha

Julia~ That was just your  accent coming through LOL I thought New York was pretty Cool when i was there, :-)

i like 2222 also jersey just had 2220 not too long ago, so maybe it will set the ball rolling..


I don't see it in the numbers but 2220 came in NJ on Evening 4/28..and NY and NJ numbers follow each other 2/15 times or more...

additionally a triple and a double will come up between today and Wednesday...a 2222 would be nice...

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