Cash 4 eve GA (4-27)


These numbers should come in handy.  Last night I predicted 1494 and 1440 for the evening drawing, well that didn't hit, but this morning's Cash 4 drawing was 1480.  Use these numbers if you like, I'm using the 12/12 system for the number workouts...  You may have to flip the 9's.

The first two numbers are the most likely for this evening, and the last two are the best bets for tomorrow midday.






Result was 3369.  Sort of close.


2257 and 2577 look good for GA midday tomorrow.


Ok, let's use the number 3369.  It's pretty simple.  Break the number down into two pairs.


 33    69     33    69

+12  +12    -12   -12


  45      81      21      57


Ok, now that that workout is done, you're left with several different numbers.  Now sometimes this first step will yield the winning numbers you need, but since there are so many numbers, the only way to win is still a lucky guess.  This is where my 2nd step comes in.  Take each pair and add or subtract them.  How do you know wheather to add or subtract?  Well, look at the digits, if adding would make the sum go over 10, then you must subtract.  There are also some pairs that can be added and subtracted... for those I just write down both numbers.


So for example...

 4+5 = 9  (you can't subtract because you'll get a negative number)

8+1 = 9  OR  8-1= 7

2+1 = 2  OR 2-1 = 1

7-5 = 2


So the digits that will be useful in this evening's drawing for Cash 4 in GA will most likely be 1, 2, 7 and 9.  It really helps narrow the guessing game down to more of a science... this method gave me three of the winning numbers for last night's drawing.  Actually it gave me 4 if you want to get technical since I had a 9 and all I needed to do was flip it lol.

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