I just won $9000


I bet $15 on 444.  Guess what happened.

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WTG!PartyGood JoB

GA eve{444}Party


Oh and I also won Cash 4 this morning


I'm lucky today!



proud of you.i'm doing the multiple thing myself but no luck lately.remember seperate stores is the best way to do it......

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Good job! =)

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cool !! I played 444 last week. knew it was coming but didnt stick with it. Way to go !!!!

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Now that is a good hit, smile... 9000 congradulations to you.

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WEll Now You Got to have a SOUPCoffee SALUTEPatriot AND A PARTY

PartyDrumDanceBananaPartyGuitarNo Pity!Party


I'll be driving around and cashing them in at various stores.

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Congratulations to you Lotto Physic.  Caught it too, not as grand scale as you, but I am blessed!!!!!!!!!!

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way 2 go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party

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TTW A Winner is  a Winner and that you are ,My friend,Here is your Soup CoffeeAWARDPartyPatriotThe BEST of Luck to you!

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WTG Lotto Psychic and TTW

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