Have you ever


Have you ever won on a number you dreamed?

I have studied dreams and numbers for many years now. The first time I ever played the lottery I dreamed of a cash 4 number and won. I usually have a couple dream numbers a year. (can't wait to have another) sometimes they come and sometimes not. I've wrote them down, for instants if you dream of a number in a white cloud it will come boxed, if it's a gray cloud it will come straight.

Does anybodyelse dream of numbers that come out? And how amazing is it when it happens. Awesome.

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Hi Catspick. I've dreamed numbers that have come. Some I caught, others I was stuck on stupid and didn't play. But, you are right on one instance. These dreams come to me only about 4 - 5 times a year also. Weird huh?

1st example: I was playing 859 and one night had a dream where someone said no, play it 598. And, sure enought w/in the next few draws it came 598. A sweet hit.

2nd example: I had been playing 080 for about a week when I had a dream, and in this dream I was playing 080 but 030 dropped. w/in a few draws here comes 030 and guess what, I was still playing 080. I was hot for about a week over that one.

Last example or we would be here all, lol.: I had been playing 050 when i dreamed that a friend and I was watching the lottery results on T.V. I stated yelling when I saw 050 but, my friend keep saying no, Demi it was 060. In the dream we were watching the same show at the same time and saw to different numbers and argued about it. Next day here comes, you guessed it 060. I was still playing 050 like a dummy. should have covered them both.

Any number I dream about I play now. I don't know how it happens or why it happens not everyone dreams numbers that fall. Last week I dreamed I was sitting w/my aunt who doesn't believe in gambling and in the dream we're in a store playing numbers. She said "Demi I think I'll play 819 " and I said look Auntie I have already played 981. It hasn't dropped yet, but I'm looking for it. Good Luck to you!


Thanks Demi for sharing that, I wouldn't give up on that 981 or 819 play it for another week or so. I like it to come 918. Good Luck on it. I can't wait to have another dream number.

Just wanted everyone to know and take notice to these two numbers. 215 and 111. Two different friends dreamed about both of these numbers in the same dream in the past year. I noticed that GA bought (I don't remember what sequence it came) 215 and then trips 1's followed. Then the other night Illinois brought 1's and tonight GA brought 251. So look for these numbers to follow each other.

Dreams are quite amazing.
Good Luck

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Thank you, catspick I'll keep that in mind for Ill a friend will be 25 on the 3rd May and 152 is due along with 052 which hasn't fell from December in Fla.

I too dream a lot and yes the numbers come and I am talking straight I mean p 3's and p 4's. The thing is I can only play 2 states down here Ill and Fla so I sometimes I post as they come in other states.


Good Luck 

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