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Are the numbers posted or predicted for mid day only or are all numbers for both md and eve. i try to play both day and eve. and it has become expensive. now i only play eve. and only box. some p4 straight and box and all pick 3 boxed but one thing. some times after playing for a while and i don't see any numbers coming out i stop playing because of how expensive it has become for me here i am trying to get some cash.... let's all be honest! and Pooofffff! there goes another dollar and another day. and check this out! when i stop playing the numbers that day or the next. the @#$%^^#!@*^ numbers come out paying 4,000 3,000 up to reaching 6,000$$$$$$$$$ not i ask what the %$&&*^ is going on why is my karma playing tricks on me. i become sooo enraged i can't stand thinking why have i even begun playing in the first place. Help some one any one plz.... need some advice on this......winners06 New Jersey.

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